Lazio Winger Jony: “I Want to Do the Best I Can & Get Noticed”

Lazio winger Jony is hoping to convince coach Maurizio Sarri to keep him in the squad this season.

Speaking in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the 30-year-old Spaniard first discussed this morning’s shot training in Auronzo di Cadore.

Intense training until the end but I didn’t win, I have to wait another day for another challenge.

He touched on how the training camp is going so far.

The training camp is going well, we are learning what the coach wants from the team as the team has been used to a different number for years. 

We have to learn quickly.

The former Malaga man spoke about his return to the Lazio environment after a year away on loan.

Last year I had a lot of injuries and I had a bit of fatigue at the start of training camp. 

I stopped for a couple of days and then I came back.

Jony spoke about his performances in the recent two pre-season friendly matches.

On a physical level I did very well but not so much with the ball. 

I haven’t played for a long time but I think with time I’ll improve.

He spoke about his role as a winger.

I’m good on both sides, I’m available.

The 30-year-old commented on coach Maurizio Sarri’s requests to the players.

We have to apply pressure well and get passed the opposition well, do easy things in the middle of the pitch and in the last part of the pitch win one-on-one matches.

The Spanish winger spoke about the new methods in training.

They’re working us hard, we had a strength test and now we’re improving day by day.

Jony discussed his goals for next season, whether he remains with the Biancocelesti or not.

I expect to reach my goal, if I stay at Lazio it’s to go to the Champions League, if I go on loan I want to do the best I can and get noticed.

He spoke about the development of young Spanish talent Raul Moro, who is expected to be a part of Sarri’s squad next season.

Moro is working very well, he has great quality, he’s young and has to learn from the experts. 

But he’s on the right path, he’s very humble.

Finally, Jony commented on the switch to a 4-3-3 formation from the previously used 3-5-2 formation.

I’ve always played as a winger and I think it’s better than the 3-5-2. 

But every coach has his own way of working, and now I have to learn the way Sarri wants me to work.

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