Lazio Assistant Coach Martusciello: “I Haven’t Seen Sarri This Enthusiastic in a While”

Lazio assistant coach Giovanni Martusciello highlighted Maurizio Sarri’s enthusiasm in the Biancocelesti environment.

Speaking in an interview with Italian broadcaster Lazio Style Channel (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the Lazio assistant coach first spoke about the team’s work in Auronzo di Cadore.

A coach who demands a lot, these two weeks have helped us to improve. More than one player has surprised us, but I won’t name names. 

We were immediately impressed by the availability and when it’s there, everyone is committed to meeting the coach’s tactical requirements.

He spoke about exciting Lazio youngsters Raul Moro and Luka Romero.

Two youngsters who have excellent technical qualities and specific characteristics. Time will tell if they can aspire to important careers, at the moment it seems so, but events are not always linear.

However, I would also mention Bertini, even if he hasn’t had much space because there are so many of us.

The 49-year-old Italian touched on the role of an assistant coach.

Being the coach gives you a huge responsibility. The assistant is a step back, those who advise and the coach is the one I listen to. 

That’s the difference, rather than having 30 heads moving together.

Martusciello discussed the strengths of Lazio star Ciro Immobile with both the Biancocelesti and the Azzurri.

They are very specific and different characteristics, Immobile gives depth and we need that in our game. Scoring goals is a consequence. 

We all know his qualities and characteristics and we will try not to distort them. Immobile has great flexibility, he knows how to attack the opponent. 

It’s important for us to win, then if Immobile scores it’s fine, but even the last player in can score.

The Biancocelesti assistant coach commented on the new tactical setup being used by Maurizio Sarri.

This team has suddenly found itself catapulted into a four-man line-up, but we have to abandon the thinking about the opponent. We want the ball, not depending on others. 

There are difficulties in the game, where there is unpredictability, because we can be carried away by instinct and habit. 

But we know it’s normal, we need time. The goalkeeper’s job is a consequence, he has to know how to save, but building from the back is still important.

He commented on two players that know Sarri’s system well, Elseid Hysaj and Pepe Reina.

Having them is important. They know the movements and they can speed up the process of improving, I welcome those who already have the aptitude to help their teammates.

The 49-year-old Italian discussed the role of a defensive midfielder in Sarri’s 4-3-3 system.

Whoever plays that role must have superior intelligence, must know how to give balance to the team and touch lots of balls to close down the passing lines. 

It’s a special and crucial role for what we want to do. Leiva, but also Escalante and Cataldi have the qualities to do it.

He touched on if Lazio was in his destiny.

The debut against Lazio was already an emotion, against a very strong team.

The goal that introduced me to them was clearly something that stayed with me.

Finally, Martusciello looked ahead to tomorrow’s pre-season friendly against Serie C side Padova.

These are games that allow mistakes to be made – indeed, mistakes are welcome – and improvement is expected. 

I haven’t seen Sarri this enthusiastic in a while, I’d like to thank the guys, Lazio, those who interview us and those who are here. 

It all adds to the harmony, because we want to have fun and to do that we need people outside the pitch.

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