Lazio president Claudio Lotito needs to respect 20 points set by the municipality of Rome in his Stadio Flaminio project.

As reported by Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the Biancocelesti president want to move the club’s home from the Stadio Olimpico to a renovated Stadio Flaminio, developing a project for their new stadium.

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The city administration are open to the idea and have been in talks with Lotito, but have set 20 points that must be respected in his plans.

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These 20 points are as follows:

  1. The Pitch: it is necessary to restore it to its original condition by demolishing the eastern terraces and bringing back into view the wall bordering the pitch.
  2. West Tribuna: original elements which should be preserved as far as possible.
  3. East Tribuna: few changes and restoration of the original rainwater drainage system.
  4. North and South Tribuna: minimum possibility of intervention.
  5. West Tribuna roof: involves necessary interventions such as gutters and drainage pipes for rainwater disposal.
  6. West Galleria: various restoration works.
  7. East Galleria: same as West.
  8. North and South Galleria: interior rooms reorganised without altering the facades.
  9. North-West Tribuna stairway: the changes made over the years should be removed.
  10. Fencing gym: to be maintained and restored to its original design.
  11. South Tribuna underground: to be restored and preserved.
  12. Wrestling and weightlifting gymnasium: areas that can be redistributed according to needs.
  13. East Tribuna benches: the original design should be restored with demolition of the current partitions in the bar areas.
  14. Swimming pool: to be restored to its original layout.
  15. Boxing gym: can be redistributed according to requirements.
  16. North Tribuna: to be restored and preserved.
  17. Gymnastic gym: to be brought back to its original layout.
  18. Swimming pool technical system: renovation of the technical installations to restore the public use of the pool.
  19. Rainwater disposal: renovation of the technical installations.
  20. Lighting system: its renovation is highly recommended.