Lazio Coach Sarri After 6-1 Win vs Spezia: “The Important Thing Is to Have Fun”

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri was happy with the team’s dominant win over Spezia yesterday.

The 62-year-old Italian coach discussed the match to multiple outlets following the game (as collected by LazioNews24), speaking first to Italian broadcaster DAZN.

I don’t like defending deep, then at 4-1 we were facilitated by numerical superiority.

He spoke about the journey ahead of the team.

In these new experiences the growth path is not linear, ups and downs, so we know we have to work and grow a lot, the conditions are there but we must not delude ourselves for 2 games.

The former Napoli coach touched on his decision to start Luis Alberto yesterday.

We tried to give the team solidity at Empoli, he is growing and his dribbling skills could have been important today.

Sarri spoke about the system that he uses and if it’ll change throughout the season.

I don’t know if we can play with 5 attacking players, I decide according to the opponents and what I see during the week. 

Today I wanted the ball to be moved quickly because they are aggressive on the man and I wanted to move the ball quickly.

The 62-year-old Italian coach spoke about the two early goals that the Biancocelesti have conceded in their first two games.

I didn’t like the defensive line for 15 minutes, I didn’t like the goal we conceded immediately, we took the first goal in our own half of the pitch, we didn’t enter the game badly today or in Empoli, two signs aren’t proof but we’re starting to worry. 

It’s something to take into account even if in the minutes before the goal I didn’t have the sensation of a soft team.

The former Napoli and Juventus coach touched on his experiences in Rome so far.

For now I’ve only experienced the pitch, I hope in early September to find a permanent accommodation and experience the context of the city, but for now I’ve only lived in Formello.

Sarri then discussed the game with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio.

To have fun on the pitch there are some prerequisites: the first is to work during the week, the second is to have fun in training. 

I like that there is the right enthusiasm around us, I thank the fans because it was easy to help us, but they reacted before us and it helped us. 

In terms of mentality we played a higher level game, we managed the 2-goal advantage better than in Empoli.

The Lazio coach commented on the importance of having players in the squad who are experienced with his system.

Hysaj, Pedro and Reina have been part of teams I’ve already coached, the level of knowledge of what I’m asking for is higher and they can help us to shorten the time with the whole team.

The 62-year-old Italian coach wasn’t concerned about the injury to wing-back Manuel Lazzari in the first half.

I don’t think it’s a serious problem, he stopped at the first signs. 

It doesn’t look like a major injury, but he will definitely have to rest for a few days

Sarri expressed his happiness at the 6-1 win when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference.

We played a good game, with a second half facilitated by the extra man. We did better than in Empoli. 

Let’s take it as a step forward, but we’re only at the beginning.

The Italian coach suggested that he was having fun but that there was still a lot of work to do.

The important thing is to have fun during the week. There’s enthusiasm in the team and also around us. Now we have to cultivate it, without deluding ourselves. 

We mustn’t forget the numbers, we have a gap of around 20 points with some teams that finished ahead of us last year.

The former Napoli and Juventus coach spoke about the importance of Ciro Immobile and his hattrick in the 6-1 win.

Ciro has to do what he did today. Today he made himself available and was ready when the team needed him. 

That’s good enough for now.

Finally, Sarri spoke about the support of the home fans in the Stadio Olimpico yesterday.

The Lazio fans are a great surprise to me. There’s great enthusiasm and the stadium was beautiful today. 

After we conceded, they reacted before the team did. I hope to create a strong, long-lasting bond.

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