Ex-AC Milan CEO Braida Is Excited for Sunday’s Match vs Lazio

Former AC Milan CEO Ariedo Braida is excited for Sunday’s match between the Rossoneri and Lazio.

Speaking in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the 75-year-old Italian first commented on his time working with Silvio Berlusconi at AC Milan.

Berlusconi showed up one day as soon as he bought Milan and said: ‘We have to become the strongest team in the world’ and we followed him. 

He’s a visionary, and I tried to work with Galliani to find the best players. In football you also need intuition. The deals I’m most fond of are those with Van Basten and Jean-Pierre Papin.

The Cremonese CEO spoke highly of Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri, who has gotten off to a strong start with the Biancocelesti.

I hold Sarri in high esteem because I was in Spain and there is a taste for playing football there and he has it, a football of possession, fast, real football, the kind that people love and that football lovers want to see.

Sarri where he has gone has always done excellent things, he is a very good coach. He’s a very good coach. He’ll prove his worth this year too.

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Braida thought that president Claudio Lotito was doing a good job in charge of Lazio.

I know him and I must say that he is a character who knows how to impose his rules. He’s someone who balances the books, which is no small thing these days. 

Lotito is an added value. He makes mistakes now and then but I must say that if there were other presidents who had the ability to make a club become successful.

The 75-year-old Italian was excited for Sunday’s match between AC Milan and Lazio.

I imagine it will be a very good match because these two teams want to play football.

I think we’ll see a good game.

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Finally, Braida gave his thoughts of Roberto Mancini’s Azzurri, who won Euro 2020 this summer and broke the record for the longest run of games unbeaten.

The national team hasn’t lost in 37 games. Immobile has some problems interpreting Mancini’s game made of possession and many touches. 

We have to accept criticism, we have to work hard and I think Immobile is capable of doing well even if there are clearly some difficulties.

Lazio’s match against AC Milan on Sunday will be vitally important for both teams, as each side looks to imprint themselves on a top-four spot.

Both teams have won their opening two games.

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