Lazio Coach Sarri on Loss to AC Milan: “We Did the Opposite of What We Practiced”

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri was not impressed with the team’s performance in yesterday’s 2-0 loss to AC Milan.

First speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN (via LazioNews24) after the game, the 62-year-old Italian coach touched on his frustrations with the match.

We did the opposite of what we practiced during the week. We started waiting for the opponent, for me this is a source of disappointment. 

Then you have to be focused, some games can go like that.

He was not impressed with the vicious criticism levied toward Lazio striker Ciro Immobile.

I think that regarding Immobile, you media are not very normal. In terms of numbers he is unassailable. 

Many teams have won without having a striker who scored goals. For some people numbers count, for others they don’t.

Sarri spoke about the Biancocelesti’s tough run of fixtures ahead, as well as the busier schedule in general.

It’s not easy to play so many games in a few days, it’s not easy to play after the national teams that return tired players.

Before I was the only one to complain about the schedule, now there are others. But they’re all silent, which means it’s fine.

I’m a football lover, I think you have to play rested and fit.

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Sarri then commented on the reactions that he expects to see in the next meeting against AC Milan.

I didn’t have high hopes that the game could change, the result seemed obvious to me. I told the guys that there are ways and means of losing because we didn’t play our football. 

It’s a bad way to lose.

Sarri then discussed the match with Italian broadcaster Lazio Style Radio, first commenting on his sending off at the end of the match.

There is no nervousness. It all stemmed from a gesture by a young boy who will be 30 years younger than me. 

I demanded an apology and Ibra brought him to apologise. But these are things of the pitch.

He touched on the mistakes made by the Biancocelesti in the 2-0 defeat.

The match had been prepared differently, but we weren’t able to impose our game. But these are things that happen when you change your game.

We were too wait-and-see. Maybe we needed to go out a bit higher.

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The former Napoli and Juventus coach discussed the build-up phase and if there is any cause for concern.

I don’t think it’s a problem of concentration, we are in the construction phase and these games can happen. I’ve said many times that this is a year of transition. 

Unfortunately the result of the game was clear. I told the guys that we didn’t play our football and that’s a bad way to lose, but we came up against a strong team.

Finally, Sarri spoke about the packed schedule for Italian teams once again.

I spoke years ago about impossible schedules. It’s not easy to play so many games in just a few days, especially after the national teams. 

But I see that everyone is happy with it, but not me, as a football man.

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