Sarri Highlights Need for Patience Ahead of Lazio vs Cagliari, “We Need Time”

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri highlighted the need for patience ahead of tomorrow’s Serie A match against Cagliari.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the 62-year-old Italian coach first discussed tomorrow’s opponents.

The match is difficult because Cagliari are a team that is clearly superior in terms of value to the results achieved so far, then for the fact that they have changed coach and may have a very strong reaction at a motivational level. 

We must expect a difficult match, we must not expect anything easy.

The Lazio coach spoke about the various issues in the team’s midfield so far this season.

We have wing backs that we are trying to make full backs, the outside defenders. We have interior players with offensive characteristics, used to playing with a forward, we are asking for something fundamentally different. 

The three have great dynamism, they don’t have very high acceleration peaks but I think this type of game is more mental than physical. Everyone thinks that pressing is a great physical effort but if the team is tight you run less than in a more open game. 

We ran more than Milan and we accelerated more. Visually it didn’t show, even my feeling from the bench was different. These are three quality players and quality players can adapt to any way of playing.

He spoke about the growth of the squad and if he is concerned about his job security following the back-to-back losses.

I don’t feel like I’m in trouble, the team has made giant steps at the tactical level. We have to make a path because we have changed everything and we have to adapt to a new different way of thinking and we need time. The guys are applying themselves.

The last game gave me signals from a tactical point of view, not a qualitative one. I can’t feel in trouble after 2 games, among other things played against two teams that are at least on par with us, there is no need for support at this time.

The guys are doing well. There is total availability, then between availability and total understanding there are steps to be taken.

The goal is to create a mechanism, an organisation that leads us to have objective feedback on objective data.

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Sarri commented on the strengths of Croatian midfielder Toma Basic, who signed from Bordeaux in the summer transfer window.

In his previous team he played very offensively, he was the one who pushed himself the most. 

We are trying to insert him but it takes time, it’s longer compared to people who had already played in Italy, there is a mentality to integrate, there’s slightly longer tactical requests.

The 62-year-old Italian coach highlighted the squad’s good mentality ahead of tomorrow’s game against Cagliari.

We are living it well, knowing that we have to play a difficult game. The level of the Italian league is increasing. 

I have few means to be able to defend myself in ordinary justice but I will try to use them all.

He was not concerned about the atmosphere of the Lazio environment.

I don’t know what you mean by environment but the environment here at Formello is calm and focused.

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He commented on the next steps forward for the team, as well as his reaction to the media furor surrounding these recent losses.

I have already responded. I’ve seen steps forward from a tactical point of view, not a qualitative one. 

It’s clear that on a media level games are evaluated based on quality and results, not tactically because there are few people who can do that. The team was tighter, more orderly and with a higher centre of gravity.

Finally, Sarri discussed the various errors made by the team in the recent defeats.

We made technical mistakes, both with the goalkeeper and in front of the opponent’s goal. 

I saw a team that entered the pitch with good personality, in the first 20 minutes we did well, the first 20 minutes were clearly in our favour.

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