Martusciello Happy With Lazio’s Response in 2-2 Draw vs Cagliari, “We Are Clearly Improving”

Lazio assistant coach Giovanni Martusciello was happy with the squad’s reaction in the 2-2 draw against Cagliari yesterday.

As collected by Italian media outlet LazioNews24 last night, the 50-year-old Italian coach first discussed the match against the Rossoblu in an interview with Italian broadcaster DAZN.

Talking about the match, in the first half we performed as a team, then in football it happens to lower the tension despite the fact that we told ourselves to push. 

We conceded the goal and we danced for a quarter of an hour. The reaction to Keita’s goal was good, the performance was important with 28 shots on goal. We are on the right path.

He was happy with the squad’s ability to consistent intercept passes throughout the first half.

In the first half of the match we intercepted a lot of balls, but it happens that you expose the side to counter attacks. 

We are happy with the overall reaction. Consider that we only trained yesterday after playing in the Europa League.

The Lazio assistant coach commented on the defensive line and the work of the various players in the department.

We’re at a good point, there’s a lot of availability. There is room for improvement in the details but they will come over time. 

The defenders know each other and the understanding is growing, but a lot depends on the other departments.

Martusciello spoke about the upcoming matches against Torino and Roma.

Torino comes first on Thursday, our nervous energies are directed towards that match.

Martusciello then discussed the game against Cagliari in an interview with Lazio Style Radio.

Excellent first half with important rhythms, the most difficult part was to unlock it and we succeeded with fine workmanship. 

A lively game, even if with some difficulties, the team went to regain the ball, the first half was enjoyable, we missed a few goals before. 

Keeping rhythms so high you pay for it, the goal was avoidable we conceded a counter attack and there was no reaction. 

In the second half, we must highlight the recovery, for now we are satisfied with the point that makes morale. We wanted to win, but it didn’t go like that. We will be able to grow in small steps, bringing more joy to our fans.

The 50-year-old Italian coach touched on the philosophy being imprinted into the squad.

The willingness of these guys is maximal, they put 100% on all those mechanisms we train, now they have slowed down because the thought has taken over. 

This is a journey at team level, at individual level we are not very interested. Even today we took great steps forward, the road is marked out.

The Lazio assistant coach commented on the various energies in the squad.

We meet Torino and from tonight we’ll think about that. 

The derby will be an aftermath, if we think about Roma on Thursday, it’s better not to go there because they’ll take us away. The coach will be clear.

Martusciello discussed how the various statics reflect the team’s current growth.

The performance was visible as a whole. There was fun, everyone participated in the game and you make fewer mistakes because there are more solutions, the plots of the game are more open. 

These are passes that must be recorded and continued, there is movement. We are clearly improving and tonight’s numbers confirm it.

He spoke about Italian midfielder Danilo Cataldi.

He has great technical quality and vision of the game. 

He has to understand some things and Leiva is teaching him, Lucas had an extraordinary first half, then at these rhythms he dropped in condition but Cataldi did not lower the pace.

Martusciello discussed the mistakes that led to the first goal when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference.

We were found unprepared on the kickoff in the second half, we were not very aggressive and they were good. We must not get down if we concede goals. 

Finally, Martusciello looked ahead to the next game against Torino.

We have to analyse what we did today, both positively and negatively. 

The coach is very precise and we will prepare in the best possible way.

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