Giovanni Martusciello Satisfied With Lazio’s 1-1 Draw vs Torino, “Great Reaction”

Lazio assistant coach Giovanni Martusciello was satisfied with the 1-1 draw with Torino last night.

First speaking in an interview with Italian broadcaster Sky Sports Italia (via LazioNews24) after the game, the 50-year-old Italian coach touched on the squad’s reaction to their 1-0 deficit in the game.

There was a great reaction and great commitment. We reached the draw with a great spirit.

There’s still a lot to work on, but this result gives us the right push.

He highlighted how the results are not the most important thing at this stage.

Immobile would like to win them all, but right now you shouldn’t look at results too much. The guys are working well, but we need time. 

However, the path taken is the right one, also because the guys are very willing.

Martusciello spoke about Lazio’s opponents, Torino.

Against teams like Torino it’s difficult to create your own game plan. 

It’s also difficult to play every three days.

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He touched on the team’s defensive issues.

We pay a high price for individual mistakes, but it happens in football. 

However, we have to see the glass half full.

The Lazio assistant coach commented on the importance of remaining patient as the squad adapt to coach Maurizio Sarri’s systems and tactics.

In two months you can’t overturn what you’ve done for five years. The guys are still in the learning phase and this becomes a problem when it comes to playing time. 

The application is there and during the week you can see great improvements. 

The 50-year-old Italian coach touched on if the team are considering changing the formation from a 4-3-3 to something else.

Playing every three days it’s difficult to think about something like that. 

When we have a typical week we can think about it.

Martusciello then discussed the 1-1 draw against Torino in an interview with Lazio Style Radio.

We had prepared for the match with these difficulties. They were playing at home, they are energetic, they want to do things. 

The team responded in solidity, Torino did more but we gave a response that was up to par. We need these steps to grow. 

The coach asked the substitutes to put in extra fuel, and they did, especially in attack because they allowed us to leave the pitch with a point.

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He commented on the performance of Italian midfielder Danilo Cataldi.

Danilo had a good game like the others, but it was his first start against an opponent that plays close to you, fights the game, the second ball and makes you run backwards, what we hate. 

In the second half, they slowed down and we built up, the goal came but we’re keeping the reaction.

The 50-year-old Italian coach touched on the tactics used in the 1-1 draw.

We worked well on the runs, especially on Milinkovic-Savic with long throw-ins. The midfielders did a good job of shortening the gap at the back, but we did it and we did it well at times. 

We’ll take the point that gives continuity to the results and boosts morale.

He discussed the aggressiveness and attacking play of coach Ivan Juric’s Torino.

Torino are trained, we have often played against Juric’s teams, today the long balls broke us, we made a dangerous dribble on the penalty area that was risky. Some balls can be lost. 

We have other ideas of football, but we have to come to terms with these negative experiences. The team created the conditions for a draw.

Finally, Martusciello spoke about the usage of the wingers and their performances.

When Torino came at us, we needed the wingers to be closer to Immobile. That wasn’t the case, but then we did better in that sense. 

Pedro has experience to spare, Raul Moro is just starting out. They are all small steps to make him grow and us grow.

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