Jose Mourinho Wants Roma to Have “More Ambition Than Lazio” in the Derby

By Apollo Heyes -

Roma coach Jose Mourinho wants his team to be more ambitious than Lazio in tonight’s Derby della Capitale.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the 58-year-old Portuguese coach first commented on what to expect in today’s match.

We play to win, on the other side there is a team that has the same ambitions as us, when we leave the pitch I want to have the feeling that we have given the maximum.

He commented on the difficulty and importance of the Derby della Capitale against Lazio.

It’s a different challenge, we know where to go what to do, here there are no doubts and for this reason it’s not the most difficult challenge I’ve faced. 

I respect Zeman and Garcia and their words, but I don’t comment on their words about the derby. I think it’s more important to talk little and play a lot.

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach spoke about the absence of midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini.

There is only one Pellegrini. I could also say that tomorrow’s game started in the 90th minute against Udinese. 

He has many important qualities, but I won’t comment and I won’t tell you how we’re going to play and how we’re going to replace him on the field.

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Mourinho discussed what has affected him most since becoming Roma coach.

How the people have been able to stay close to the team both when we won and lost. The fans deserve everything from us and the guys deserve everything from them. 

The guys are respecting that, and tomorrow the fans will know that the team will play 100% for them as well.

The Portuguese coach touched on the bitter rivalry between Lazio and Roma.

I’ve been here for a few months, one thing is what I feel, one thing is being inside and understanding everything. 

The rivalry is a beautiful thing, it’s the norm in football, it’s a privilege to play one more derby, a new one. 

Beyond what the derby means, I want my team to have more ambition than Lazio to win.

Mourinho spoke about his relationship with the various Serie A opponents this season.

Give me a reason to fight for someone, give me time though. The only negative thing that hasn’t gone down with me so far is Pellegrini’s sending off. 

I respect everyone, I don’t have to be the one looking for reasons to fight with someone.

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He defended his decision to leave certain players on the bench.

There is a need for stability, those who are not playing are young, they need time, it seems like a normal situation.

The Portuguese coach spoke about what it takes to win.

With the ball we want to attack, score if we can. Without the ball we have to respect them and we have to be careful not to risk and defend. 

To win tomorrow we have to play a complete game. I can’t say more than that. However, if you tell me Vina yes, Vina no, I say Vina yes.

Finally, Mourinho touched on the difficult moment being experienced by Roma midfielder Nicola Zalewski.

We are close to the Zalewski family. We’ll see tomorrow, because he has to be the one to decide based on how he lives with a new world without Dad.

Roma have started their season well, winning four of their five opening games under coach Mourinho. Their only loss came to Hellas Verona 3-2 last weekend.

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