Sarri Considers Lazio’s UEL Match vs Lokomotiv Moscow “Delicate & Very Important”

Coach Maurizio Sarri knows that Lazio will be in for a tough match against Lokomotiv Moscow tomorrow.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, the 62-year-old Italian coach first spoke about what he expects from the Europa League this season.

Everyone can play a game with high motivation, for two months only a few, for ten months only the winners. 

For us it’s a test, we’ve played a great derby, now we have to show that we’re capable of playing with high motivation. 

He spoke about the condition of the Lazio squad following the 3-2 derby win against Roma.

We’ll evaluate today, until yesterday the players were divided between those who played more or less. Today we’ll see the training, we’ll evaluate who can be on the pitch more or less.

There is something absurd to consider. Lega Serie A has put a league match 61 hours after the end of the European game. It seems out of this world, we have to adapt. 

Sarri touched on the controversy between Roma coach Jose Mourinho and the officiating team in Sunday’s Derby della Capitale.

I don’t know, my evaluations are that Leiva was fouled, you protest on a penalty with Zaniolo offside, it could never be. 

Then I think the penalty for Roma was only seen by the referee and VAR, I watched it again for a couple of days, I didn’t see it. If there is, it’s Zaniolo hitting Akpa. 

I don’t care. But I don’t care anymore about Roma, we have the points, we have to think only tomorrow. 

Otherwise the season is resolved in the two derbies, it must not be like that. I understand the importance for the fans, but we have to think about tomorrow. 

He gave his thoughts on Kosovan forward Vedat Muriqi and his position in the squad.

I think he’s giving us a hand, we’ve seen that in the last two games. He can play five minutes, but if he has that kind of desire on all the balls he will help us. He won the penalty against Torino. 

He’s a guy who can have something more, we’ll see in the future. But he’s interpreting what we ask of him with an uncommon determination. 

The 62-year-old Italian coach discussed if the derby win was a turning point for the Biancocelesti.

Seasons and groups are all different, you can’t take certain past things at face value. 

I ask the team to focus on tomorrow’s match, a difficult game, we suffered in the first one, for us tomorrow is delicate and very important. 

Much more difficult than you think. I played there with Juve, we won but they were two very difficult matches.

Sarri touched on how he beat Lokomotiv Moscow during his time with Juventus.

Juve suffered against them, in the first leg we were down then we solved it with two shots from outside the box from Dybala. 

They wouldn’t let us play, in the return leg we won in the 92nd minute with Douglas Costa. 

It is not easy, as was difficult the previous team Nikolic had in the Eurppa League against Chelsea. At Stamford Bridge we only won 1-0.

The 62-year-old Italian coach commented on if he’s convinced still about his decision to join Lazio earlier this year.

I think so, here I feel very good, I enjoy it, great application in training, then in the match you can bring 90 or 10%. 

I get on well with the club, we should talk about people, I feel great. 

He discussed if he will rotate the squad in tomorrow’s Europa League clash against Lokomotiv Moscow.

I don’t know who plays now. It’s a bit too early, yesterday’s training sessions are not indicative, those who played only did a light workout. I don’t know if anyone needs to rest, between this afternoon and tomorrow morning I’ll have a clearer idea. 

I can’t answer now. Thinking of doing something today to get something in six months is out of science, anything physical not trained for 20 days decays. 

This is bullsh*t, they told us and made us run a lot in the summer, telling us you’ll see in winter how good you’ll be. 

Finally, Sarri spoke about Spanish midfielder Luis Alberto, who is still trying to find his best form in the 62-year-old Italian coach’s 4-3-3 system.

I don’t care if he is not calm after the change, on the contrary I am pleased. What worries me is a player who is dead after the substitution, who accepts it in a passive way. 

If someone is pissed off he gives a positive signal. 

I do not like to think about the percentages of how he is expressing himself, for me he has room for improvement, I will always demand more from him as he will do from himself. 

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