Dal Pino Defends Match Scheduling Despite Lazio Coach Sarri’s Complaints

Lega Serie A president Paolo Dal Pino defended the match scheduling this season, following Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri’s complaints.

Speaking to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport (via LazioNews24) on the sidelines of the Trento Sports Festival earlier today, Dal Pino first spoke about the growth of the Italian topflight in recent years.

Our Serie A has great room for growth, because compared to other leagues, it has an unexpressed potential. Especially in the international arena. It depends on us and on the projects we have in the pipeline. 

We need to build a media company and it depends on us to create so that our clubs can thrive in a healthy scenario, the last two years have not helped to go in this direction.

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He commented on the importance of Italy’s success at Euro 2020 this summer.

It gave an impetus, now it’s up to us to ride this wave of enthusiasm. We must not make mistakes already made in 2006. 

Today we have a favourable context, with an interesting and attractive league with great teams and names. 

The success of our journey depends on our ability to organise ourselves and plan for the future.

Dal Pino spoke about the success of the VAR room in Italy and how it is a source of pride for Lega Serie A.

Great pride. This is not only a VAR Room that no one has, but also a centre that will be the base of our media company. 

In Lissone there’ll be the rooms of all the camps, where our structures will proceed to the graphics and the distribution to the broadcasters both in Italy and abroad. It’s a centre where the football content is produced. 

It is fundamental for us to take advantage of this moment of national pride, of the need for Serie A to undertake a path of reform, to take possession of our destiny and through the control and development of the media company this will be possible.

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The Lega Serie A president defended the match scheduling this season, something that Lazio coach Sarri has explicitly complained about.

On the subject of close matches, the games are played at the distances foreseen by the regulations. 

I don’t have many comments to make except that it happens to all teams to play on Wednesday and then on Saturday, and to have little space between games. 

I don’t get into that issue, I’m saying that there’s an exaggerated crowding of schedules and the general trend is in that direction. 

There is no place for others to grow instead of us, we will never accept that. 

Our league, like the foreign ones, are leagues that invest and cannot invest and then find themselves with a devalued product.

Finally, Dal Pino spoke about Lega Serie A’s push to have stadiums returned to full capacity.

We have only ever fought for 100%. We welcome 75% but it’s absurd that we have 100% in cinemas and theatres and outdoors we have 75%. 

I have picked up on the realisation that this 75% will be raised to 100% in the next few days and we trust that it will happen. 

Because if it doesn’t happen it would be a discriminatory action towards football that would add to a series of behaviours that have not helped our sector.

Sarri was incredibly frustrated that Lazio were scheduled to play Bologna on a Saturday at 12:30 pm following on from their Europa League clash against Lokomotiv Moscow on Thursday night.

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