Coach Sarri Happy With Performance in Lazio’s 3-1 Win vs Inter, “We Deserved the Win”

By Apollo Heyes -

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri was satisfied with his squad’s performance in their 3-1 win over Inter yesterday.

Speaking to various Italian media outlets (via LazioNews24) after the game, the 62-year-old Italian coach first commented on the match in an interview with DAZN.

We went behind from a penalty, but we were in the game. 

We were already doing well in the first half, in fact a single moment was enough to turn the game around.

The Lazio coach gave his thoughts on Felipe Anderson’s controversial goal, scored when an Inter player was down on the pitch.

There is little to debate. When Dimarco goes down, Inter have the ball and continued to play. 

We did it too. The rules are clear and you only see these things in Italy.

He commented on defender Luiz Felipe’s red card after the final whistle, as well as Felipe Anderson’s physically active game.

Ramos told me that he had gone to say hello to Correa because they are friends. 

He certainly didn’t want to attack him. There was a misunderstanding.

Felipe Anderson? He has suffered numerous aggressions and I would have expected him to be sent off.

Sarri touched on his decision to start Toma Basic in place of Luis Alberto in the match.

I chose Basic to have more solidity and physicality. Luis Alberto is a very important player for me and we saw that in the last half hour. 

He, also for his way of playing, has moments of decline. He can certainly travel on different intensities, given the tests he does in training.

He commented on the team’s defensive work.

In the first half we suffered from their width and their long balls. 

Then in the second half the change in the result definitely made it easier for us.

The 62-year-old Italian coach spoke highly of Brazilian winger Felipe Anderson.

He has to avoid those lows he has, which are probably mental. He has moments of emptiness during the match. 

But he is one of the players who, for technical and physical qualities, has very few equals.

The former Napoli coach also spoke highly of Spanish veteran Pedro.

He also did well. He is a guy I know well. He has extraordinary talent and great experience.

Sarri highlighted how much he didn’t enjoy the busier schedule of modern football.

I enjoy on the pitch and training. Playing every three days is changing everything and it’s a different job. I like it less.

Sarri then discussed the team’s reaction against Inter in an interview with Lazio Style Radio.

We need to be men all the time, not just in single games. We need consistency in this, to be strong and focused even when we’re tired. 

We scored more goals than they did, with more shots than they had, with more corners than they had, with more ball possession than they had.

The 62-year-old Italian coach discussed the performance of Inter in the match and the controversy surrounding the second goal.

Inter played well, we suffered a lot of field changes in the first half. Then we solved the problem and the game was more in our favour. 

At halftime I told the guys that we were in the game and very well, all we had to do was continue in that way and we would come out on top, and we did. 

We have to travel calmy, we have to make our own way and we need consistency. Today’s controversial episode seems a bit too much to me, scenes that can only be seen in Italy. 

A team can’t expect to try and score with one of their men on the ground, then lose the ball and expect their opponents to put the ball out.

He commented on the performance of various Lazio players.

Patric and Milinkovic-Savic played very well, also on a tactical level, I have to see the match again, maybe they could have done something better. 

I got a red card for an intimidating attitude without lifting a finger, today there were pushes and no expulsion. 

I wanted to take Felipe out because it would have been a manhunt and I wanted to spare him. 

I don’t like a lot of things about this football, I fell in love with this job because of the work that is done on the pitch, seeing a young player grow, now we work in a short time and I don’t like it. 

Our crossroads is in making now three out of three, we must find the strength to always go on the pitch at the same level. 

And when that’s not possible we have to find the energy to perform at our best.

Sarri discussed the 3-1 win over Inter when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference.

Even in the first half I was satisfied with the team’s performance. Despite the disadvantage, we were in the game still. 

Then the penalty put us back in the game and from there we pulled out the will to win.

He gave his thoughts on Felipe Anderson’s goal.

The ball was in Inter’s hands and they continued with the action, we did the same. 

The rules are clear, certain scenes can only be seen in Italy.

The 62-year-old Italian coach confirmed his decision to start Basic over Luis Alberto.

In this moment we need solidity, today I chose Basic for a physical reason. He’s not a pure defender but he has a great dynamism. 

Luis Alberto, however, remains a decisive player who will be important.

Finally, Sarri spoke about the tactics at play in the win over Inter and what the team needs to do to maintain this high level.

Today we deserved the win, with an important territorial supremacy. These are difficult numbers to have against a strong team like Inter. 

This team has ideal players for counter attacks, these are also aspects that a coach must take into account. Today’s numbers were excellent. Today’s match was beautiful and open, of a high level. 

We have players who can solve matches but we have to do it also in the matches in which we are not at the top, like in Bologna, otherwise it is difficult to find consistency.

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