Lazio’s falconer Juan Bernabe has been suspended after a video emerged of him doing the fascist salute to fans.

As seen in an official statement from the club earlier today, the falconer in charge of the Olimpia eagle has been suspended and will likely be dismissed after footage emerged of him doing the fascist ‘Roman’ salute to fans under the Tribuna Tevere during the Biancocelesti’s win over Inter on Sunday.

He will be replaced by his brother Josè Maria, who has already held this role in the past, such as the bird’s first flight during a match between Lazio and AC Milan in the 2010/11 season.

Below is Lazio‘s statement in full.

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In recent weeks, Società Sportiva Lazio has sent a letter to its suppliers reminding them to comply with the Code of Ethics in force and in particular to behave in a manner that fully respects the principles that have always inspired the Team’s activities, both in the sports field and in ordinary dealings. 

Particular attention has always been paid to the absolute prohibition of discriminatory actions and behaviours of any kind in all respects protected by art. 3 of the Constitution. 

Therefore, having learned of the existence of the video that shows Juan Bernabè (a non-member and employee of a company outside Lazio) in attitudes that offend the Team, the fans and the values that inspire the community, measures were taken against the company aimed at the immediate suspension from work of the person concerned and the possible termination of existing contracts.

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This is yet another controversy regarding Lazio and fascism, a tiring story for the vast majority of fans, who do not want their club to forever be associated with these ideals.

President Claudio Lotito has been working to clean up the club’s image but stories like this exacerbate the problem.