Eagle Olimpia Will Still Fly Before Kickoff of Lazio vs Olympique Marseille

Olimpia will still fly around the Stadio Olimpico this evening ahead of Lazio vs Olympique Marseille.

As reported by Italian newspaper La Repubblica (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the Biancocelesti eagle will fly around the stadium ahead of kickoff as usual, despite the suspension to falconer Juan Bernabe. 

Suspended Lazio Falconer Bernabe Explains He Is “Right Wing” but “Never Fascist”

Bernabe was suspended by the club after a video emerged of him giving the fascist ‘Roman’ salute to fans after Lazio’s 3-1 win over Inter on Sunday evening. Despite his suspension, Olimpia will carry out her duties as normal tonight, entrusted to a colleague of Bernabe. 

Whether this is a temporary decision for tonight’s match against Olympique Marseille or a permanent one remains to be seen, but it’s likely that Bernabe will no longer work with the Biancocelesti.

Official: Lazio’s Falconer Bernabe Suspended After Giving Fascist Salute to Fans

Olimpia is a fan favourite and she has been flying around the Stadio Olimpico ahead of games since the 2010/11 season.

Often times the eagle does not take flight in derbies between Lazio and Roma due to the tense atmosphere inside the ground.

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