Sarri Expects A Strong Reaction From Lazio vs Fiorentina, “We Have to Give Answers”

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri wants to see answers from the squad in tomorrow’s match against Fiorentina.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the 62-year-old Italian coach first looked ahead to tomorrow’s match against the Viola.

We hope to be ready. We have to give answers, let’s see if the team are ready but I think so. 

Fiorentina are a strong and growing team, they are scoring more points away than at home.

He touched on the duel between Lazio talisman Ciro Immobile and Fiorentina star Dusan Vlahovic.

They are important players and they will certainly be important for the result. 

One of them has been scoring consistently for years, the other is coming up.

Sarri commented on the decision to bring the team into a training camp following the loss to Hellas Verona on Sunday.

We have seen that the ups and downs have been happening for some time. This leads us to reflect a little. 

Looking at the physical data we see that there are no differences, so there is a habit of not keeping mental energies.

Italiano Highlights Fiorentina Will Need “The Right Mindset” Against Lazio

The 62-year-old Italian coach discussed Spanish midfielder Luis Alberto, who has recently found himself left on the bench.

He has played eight out of 12 games as a starter, I find it hard to see him as someone who is not playing. 

There are times when the needs of the individual don’t match the needs of the team, then you look at the collective.

The Lazio coach gave his thoughts on the current state of the squad.

If we talk about availability, this is a squad that is giving it. It’s not a guarantee of results but of work, so we have to keep hammering on. 

I say things to the players, I say things to the journalists that suits me and the team.

Sarri spoke about Brazilian midfielder Lucas Leiva.

He’s a good fit in terms of his characteristics. Last year he had problems keeping up, but that’s ok for an older player. 

This year we’re playing at a higher tempo, but if he can guarantee us an hour it’s fine, also because Danilo is growing.

He commented on the situation of the Biancocelesti midfield.

We have strong players. In Rome there is a bit of a tendency to sanctify, but they were used to playing with three defenders. 

We complicated their lives a bit but it’s a matter of habit. With distances and times we risk running on empty, we are the ones running the most but we often give the impression of being late. 

We must expend less energy.

Lazio Coach Maurizio Sarri Has an Inconsistent Record Against Fiorentina

The 62-year-old Italian coach discussed the difficulties that the squad is facing.

To solve a problem you have to be aware of it. There is a repetitiveness in the technical and physical efficiency margins. 

A team that goes from Champions League levels to Serie B levels.

He commented on the motivational losses that the players are facing.

The goal gives you motivation. Ours has to be the most beautiful one in the world, pulling out our 100%. 

It has to be everyone’s goal, it would trigger motivation.

Finally, Sarri discussed his thoughts on the role of the full-backs in the squad.

They’re both playing. Lazzari played against Marseille, it’s clear that his path is long, he was a pure pushing full-back, now he has to change. 

But not only him. We don’t do the new well and we’ve lost the old.

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