Sarri Calls Lazio’s 1-0 Win vs Fiorentina “The Best Game of the Season”

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri was in good spirits after his team’s 1-0 win over Fiorentina last night.

Speaking first in an interview with Italian broadcaster DAZN (via LazioNews24) after the game, the 62-year-old Italian coach first touched on the match against the Viola yesterday.

In my opinion we played the best game of the season, serious and with good defensive application. 

Among the alternatives prepared there was also the one to exploit Milinkovic-Savic and we did it well.

The Lazio coach commented on the squad’s reaction following their 4-1 defeat to Hellas Verona on Sunday.

After disappointing in a game like the one against Verona, the level of nervousness could have been high, this gave us great application but little courage. 

After the goal, our minds cleared and we played more calmly. 

Today the idea was to have a lot of dribbling in midfield, we played with a lot of technical players, it could have been a risk but knowing how Fiorentina plays, it seemed like the right plan. 

Luis Alberto also had a great game, with great dynamism and application.

Sarri spoke about the progress of Italian midfielder Danilo Cataldi.

Cataldi at the level of dynamism is extraordinary, for me he can also become strong at the technical level because he has excellent feet. Lucas Leiva is better at giving order and trajectories. 

He can’t play every game and Cataldi is fundamental for us. 

He is an important player for us, he is progressing and improving. He can explode for us and for all of Italian football.

Sarri then discussed Lazio’s consistency in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio.

We’ve had some ups and downs, unfortunately these last ones were big and came after high level performances. 

This was the best match for application, intensity, solidity and technique put on the field. Our problem at the moment is consistency. We’re talking about solving this situation.

The 62-year-old Italian coach spoke about the team’s midfield and his ideas.

Today’s choices in the midfield could have been risky, defensively we played very well also considering the very technical midfield that was on the pitch today. 

Now we need to verify this performance, our goal remains consistency, especially at the performance level. 

Luis Alberto comes from some very high level trainings, it was right that he played from the beginning. 

Yesterday I had a doubt about giving Milinkovic-Savic a rest. We were playing against a very technical team and so I decided to send him out.

He commented on the team’s upcoming commitments.

You need to keep today’s level of application for a long period. Playing every three days is tough, but you need to make a path and the team needs to get used to these situations. 

We studied the numbers, the ups and downs have been there for a year and a half, the downs are often there against less strong teams, in the third weekly game after a big match against a big team. 

We need maximum application in every challenge.

The former Napoli coach spoke about the Biancocelesti’s upcoming match against Atalanta.

Against Atalanta it will be a challenge against a great team. We all need to take a bath in humility, we’re a good team, but not a great one. 

I don’t look at the table, at the moment it’s useless to look at it if we don’t solve our problems.

Sarri then spoke about the match when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference.

I had no doubts about the team’s reaction, it is part of our characteristics. I will only be satisfied when I see consistency in our performance. 

Tonight I’m satisfied, we didn’t concede much to a great team like Fiorentina and offered some important dribbling.

The 62-year-old Italian coach touched on the position of Spanish midfielder Luis Alberto.

He’s done the last three training sessions at extraordinary levels, I had no doubts about him but whether or not to rest Milinkovic-Savic. 

Seeing as we were playing against a dribbling team, I preferred to choose a technical midfield.

He discussed the team’s decision to bring the squad into a training retreat following the loss to Hellas Verona.

We had two heavy missteps but this team has changed its way of playing. 

We analysed the situation, understanding that these ups and downs have been part of Lazio for a year and a half, that they come out clearly in every aspect. 

This team either doesn’t have the ability to recharge in due time or there’s a touch of presumption.

Finally, Sarri discussed the mindset needed by the players as the growth continues.

We’re a good team but we still can’t consider ourselves a great team, we need to grow from the point of view of mentality and consistency, accompanied by humility. 

Today the three midfielders showed they can play together, then obviously there are always different moments during the season.

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