Atalanta’s Gasperini Suggests “Lazio Play Like Manchester United” After 2-2 Draw

Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini was very happy with his squad’s performance in the 2-2 draw against Lazio yesterday.

First speaking in an interview with Italian broadcaster DAZN (via LazioNews24) after the match, the 63-year-old Italian coach first commented on the importance of the point picked up against the Biancocelesti.

In this moment we can do this, I am satisfied. We had a very very good first, there is great spirit. We lost precision and the ability to recover the ball in the second half. 

We were able to make up for it with great strength and desire to get the result.

The Atalanta coach commented on the moments where his team disappointed a little, stopping them from securing the win against Lazio.

We scored two goals. The problem is that we often have to chase. When we take the lead, however, the spaces open up more. 

In the first half we just needed to be a little more precise on the last kick. We have the right concepts, we lack the quality and precision of last year. 

We hope to win on Tuesday against United to secure our place in the group.

Gasperini then discussed the 2-2 draw against Lazio when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference.

I’m convinced that we had a great first half. You always have to consider the quality of the opponent, always ready to take advantage of opportunities. 

I expected a bit more in the second half on the back of the draw in the first half. We always played our game, looking for a positive result. 

Lazio are a level team and this was a level match. Over the years they have always been very balanced, very well played. We’ve almost always finished ahead in the league. 

We’ve become competitors with them, but I must say that the matches are always of a good level and it’s a merit of the two teams.

The 63-year-old Italian coach gave his thoughts on Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio as a whole.

They’re a good team, just like last year and previous years. They haven’t changed much, but they have changed the way they play. 

After many years under Inzaghi, it’s not easy to assimilate a new game. Today they did well to defend and then go after the goal. 

With Sarri we share ideas about football, there are situations where we can improve the movement. That Lazio have quality players is a reward for their organisation. 

We were much better in the first half. Until Udinese, there were no refereeing problems. Zapata is having a great season. 

Sometimes I would like to spare him a few minutes of the game. Musso can make a few mistakes, but he is an absolutely valuable goalkeeper.

Finally, Gasperini discussed the rivalry between Lazio and Atalanta, the famous Coppa Italia final between the two and the controversy in that match.

The rivalry between Lazio and Atalanta is due to the level of the two teams. We have often stolen a spot from these big boys in Europe. 

When Lazio plays against the other big teams I don’t think there is less rivalry. This has raised the level of the battle, the Coppa Italia final has fed it even more because we had a regretful call.

However, it was fuelled more by Lazio that took it as an offence, the images were very clear. It was incited more by the Lazio side. 

I agree that today’s match was a test also because Lazio play like Manchester United. They keep both teams, very high rhythms and so we had a great test.

Atalanta currently sit 5th in the Serie A table after 11 games, with 19 points. The Bergamo based side are still one point ahead of Lazio, whose next league match is against Salernitana next weekend.

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