Lazio’s Lotito Calls Sarri “A Master of Football” Who Is Here for “The Long Term”

Lazio president Claudio Lotito highlighted his ambitions for the club and the project under coach Maurizio Sarri.

Speaking to gathered reporters at the opening of the tour of the Stadio Olimpico (via LazioNews24) earlier today, the Biancocelesti president first commented on star striker Ciro Immobile’s injury.

It’s very unfortunate because the match is important, but the national team staff, in agreement with Lazio’s staff, felt that he wasn’t ready to play. 

When he has the MRI we will evaluate the extent of the injury in 3 days. He arrived at the national team in good physical condition, he was fine against Salernitana. 

If he got hurt during the night or the day after, I don’t know. When he came back, he had an edema. This does not allow us to evaluate the issue immediately. 

Now we are letting the edema reabsorb and then we will do the MRI. I don’t know how he trained in the national team, it could be that he shouldn’t have trained.

The Lazio president did not want to talk much about Inter coach Simone Inzaghi.

I have so many things to follow, and I think about Lazio. I think about my club and I believe there are all the conditions to do well. 

I’m not saying this because the innkeeper always says that the wine is good, but because so many people see it. 

You have seen our centre, the largest in Italy and one of the best equipped and it allows us to play football under the banner of sports values. 

But above all, the possibility of allowing the players to express their full potential, making the most of it, in a family environment.

Lotito discussed the tour of the Stadio Olimpico, ahead of Italy’s 2022 World Cup qualifier against Switzerland.

It’s an initiative that we wanted with all our might. We have provided all an innovative technology, which is the volumetric capture in real time. 

It will allow the fans to experience in an empathetic way the entire history of their club, in this case of Lazio, and not only. 

We have done, together with Roma and the Federation, this joint venture with Sport and Health. We believe that this is an initiative that allows us to pass on our history, our values and, above all, the emotions that have been experienced over time. 

We have associated the National Team, which represents Italian football, and Lazio and Roma, which are the two Roman reference clubs.

He commented on the incredibly busy schedule of a team competing both domestically and internationally.

We need to rethink the football system on the basis of media and commercial needs but also physical needs. 

The rhythms have totally changed, it’s a type of football in which the individual spends a lot of time from a physical and mental point of view, which has a big impact. 

Mechanisms are needed that allow for the psycho-physical recovery of the athletes. 

Clearly, playing with only short breaks, even with different game systems and training loads, can lead to a degradation from a muscular and physical point of view and therefore to injuries.

The Lazio president gave his thoughts on the idea of a European Super League.

I am always available to negotiate in the appropriate forums to find solutions that meet the needs of all the components of this system. 

They have to be solutions that help the clubs to have more income and greater visibility, but at the same time that contemplate the needs of the athletes. 

Today’s football has changed, once it was linked to the presence in the stadiums while today it is linked to the ability to transmit emotions through technological activities. 

Now you will see that we have built an innovative one, but all of this talk is also weighing on the athletes. We need to find a system that will also safeguard the players.

Finally, Lotito spoke very highly about Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri.

If I have chosen him, it is because I believe he is the right person to start a project and carry it on for a long time. 

He is a master of football and as such I believe that at Lazio there are the conditions to play good football, also linked to the training of the players, and therefore for the long term. 

And it seems to me that this has also been concretely demonstrated by him.

Lotito is incredibly keen to tie Sarri down to a longer deal, firmly believing in the 62-year-old Italian coach’s project.

The pair are likely to have a meeting during this international break in order to agree upon a new contract.

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