Sarri Notes Lazio vs Juventus Is the First of “Three Games That Are Very Important”

By Apollo Heyes -

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri expects a tough game against a struggling Juventus tomorrow.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, the 62-year-old Italian coach first discussed the importance of Luis Alberto considering Ciro Immobile’s absence.

It’s very important for us, since he’s been playing at his usual level the team has performed differently. 

We’re trying to build the team around him and Milinkovic-Savic, they can give us a lot. The path has not been easy, but the path is right for them to make an impact.

The Lazio coach commented on how he plans to stop Juventus’ forwards tomorrow.

Juve have the deepest squad and perhaps the most quality in Serie A, it’s not a question of attacking players, but of individuals who are of a high level. 

We need to manage the ball as much as possible.

Sarri touched on if tomorrow’s game is also a duel against Bianconeri coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Clashes with coaches are all journalistic, tomorrow is Lazio vs Juventus, I expect the game against a strong team, we must confirm that we are growing.

The 62-year-old Italian coach spoke about the midfields of the two teams and which one is better.

I don’t know, I know we have very good players like them. It’s something to see, they too are starting a new cycle, they will be halfway through, they are not what they want to become. 

I’m happy with the ones I have, I think they can still improve.

He discussed what remains from his solitary year in charge of Juventus.

Uncoachable are the words that every now and then journalists put, it seems. I never said that. 

I still have a Scudetto that I won, winning in Serie A is something important, that closes the circle of 20 years of sacrifices. 

Sarri spoke about if tomorrow’s game can be a turning point or confirmation for the squad.

We have to solve our problems before the goals, three games are few, so far we have had the reaction, having consistency is something different. 

11 consecutive months are done by those who reach important goals. 

If in three months we will have had a cycle of 15 games with a consistent performance, then we will be able to set ourselves a goal. 

He touched on the condition of star striker Immobile.

Ciro had this edema in his calf, it’s resolved, there’s still a small sign that could suggest some risk. 

For tomorrow there is another test to see situation.

The 62-year-old Italian coach commented on the difficulties of Lazio’s upcoming away match against Lokomotiv Moscow.

To find some hours to sleep, that’s the aspect that worries me the most. It’s hard for many reasons, we will play in Moscow, then Naples. 

Three games that are very important for us, we play them with a difficult schedule, it’s hard to recover between one match and another. 

Let’s focus on tomorrow and not think about anything else, let’s spend all we can, then we’ll think about the next one.

The Biancocelesti coach looked back at the work done during this international break.

Complicated for everyone, everyone eats, trains and works differently. To be immersed in the reality of your origins is not easy. 

For us it’s more complicated, we don’t have a consolidated mentality, it’s not automatic to start again from where we left off. 

Sarri spoke about if he expected more appreciation from Juventus and the differences with Lazio.

I arrived at a historic moment, they had won 7-8 league titles, it was almost inevitable that the league would be taken for granted. 

It was very difficult, it lasted 11 months, a team that was coming to the end of its cycle, it has been rejuvenated in the last two markets, it was not so obvious to win. 

To me it gave satisfaction, beyond how much they celebrated it.

He touched on the contract extension talks he had with president Claudio Lotito recently.

I talk to the president almost every day, every time he comes here we exchange opinions. A direct relationship, he will do what he wants to do, the choices depend on him until I buy the team.

He knows what I think, there are the bases to build something. 

The 62-year-old Italian coach spoke about if he’ll call up Immobile tomorrow.

It depends on the tests, the decisions of the medical staff and the player.

Sarri discussed the usage of Spanish winger Pedro as a false nine.

We are trying out solutions, he has the characteristics to do it. He did it sometimes at Chelsea, I think at Barcelona as well. 

He can make us play in a different way.

He touched on if Toma Basic will start tomorrow.

I never want to play on the qualities of the opponents, it is very difficult for us to have their physicality even if we change four, I like to bet on the opposite, we will play our game. 

In some situations it will be a disadvantage, in others an advantage.

Finally, Sarri commented on the conditions of full-backs Adam Marusic and Manuel Lazzari.

I think he’s still positive, with a very low viral load, which I hope can be resolved in a few days. This is the situation at the moment. 

I always see Lazzari doing well in training, he always runs at a steady 2,000, he never leaves you with bad feelings. 

I have seen the workload during these weeks, he has been training with normal loads.

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