Sarri Thinks “Juventus Won as They Know How To, With a Penalty” in 2-0 Win vs Lazio

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri was frustrated following the team’s disappointing 2-0 loss to Juventus yesterday.

Speaking first in an interview with Italian broadcaster DAZN (via LazioNews24) after the game, the 62-year-old Italian coach started by discussing the team’s loss to the Bianconeri.

The team did what they had to and could do. We were in the game until ten minutes from the end when we opened up. 

The first half hour of the second half we played a very good game, unfortunately we lacked in the last ten meters.

The Lazio coach then commented on the game plan of Juventus in the match.

We had a good start to the game, then we found ourselves behind and they changed their formation, a low 4-5-1 that was difficult to break down even if you won the ball in the final third.

We didn’t concede anything until the 75th minute, but we lacked concreteness.

Sarri highlighted the difficulty in playing without star striker Ciro Immobile.

The alternative to Immobile is hard to find, it’s very difficult to find someone who scores all those goals.

The 62-year-old Italian coach noted the poor performances on the wings in the match.

We lacked the one-on-ones on the wings, which is the area where the most chances are created. It’s unthinkable to think that our wingers are on fire every game. 

I didn’t like the last quarter of an hour, there was still time and we need to avoid stretching and taking certain chances.

Sarri then discussed the first penalty in an interview with radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio.

The episode seems to me to be a clear VAR error, Cataldi enters on the ball and goes in front of the man and not on the man. 

If you go to VAR for a foul like that then let’s also go to VAR for the push on Pedro. VAR was born for glaring mistakes, this one is not. 

This is what Gasperini calls “rigorino”, only in Italy does this happen. This is a match that was resolved by that moment.

The Italian coach was mostly happy with his team’s performance in the defeat.

We played a good game, we played well keeping Juve in their own half. We had to remain a team until the end. 

The team had the territorial supremacy, but for the amount of play we produced we lacked better last meters.

He commented on yesterday’s victors Juventus.

Juve won as they know how to, with a penalty for the lead, a solid low defensive phase and a counter attack. 

This is how they have won so many games and Scudetti. We did ours.

The Biancocelesti coach highlighted the difficulty of the busy schedule.

I don’t know anymore if the match against Lokomotiv has to be won at all costs, so we can’t play with these schedules and calendars. 

It’s a situation in Moscow that remains difficult for our squad.

He noted the importance of talismanic forward Immobile, who was absent from the game due to a calf injury.

Immobile, for better or worse, stretches the opponents and creates spaces between the lines, today we lacked the flair of the wingers who usually have something more. 

After the first penalty it was difficult to find space. If we didn’t find a single play, it was hard. 

We thought about taking advantage of long shots but then the right ball has to happen to the right man.

Sarri discussed the 2-0 loss to Juventus when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference as well.

Cataldi could not see Morata on the occasion of the first penalty, because he was behind him. VAR was wrong, as with a freeze frame there would have also been a penalty for Pedro. 

The team did well, they conceded the first penalty and in the half hour of the second half they had total dominance, without suffering counterattacks. 

We then disbanded after the second goal, but we had significant ball possession in Juventus’ half, even higher than against Salernitana.

The 62-year-old Italian coach touched on how fundamental Immobile is to the squad.

Ciro scores 40 goals a year, he would be difficult to replace for any team. We will evaluate his condition in the next few hours. 

The game became difficult with the Bianconeri’s 4-5-1, the wingers did well and could do no more. I also liked the inside players, even though they could have perhaps shot a little more.

He did not want to discuss his warning from the referee.

Boh. I honestly don’t know. All I said was that he had blown for a foul to a guy who had his opponent behind him. 

How did he foul him? Beyond the penalty… let’s forget about it.

Finally, Sarri spoke about his Scudetto win with Juventus and the reaction of the Bianconeri fans.

Honestly, I don’t care about Juventus fans. 

I worked at Juventus, I coached great players, then it ends there, I don’t care.

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  1. This man is just making up excuses. The victory was well deserved. I don’t see how he’s ever going to outsmart Allegri.

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