Lazio President Lotito Confirms Sarri Will “Renew His Contract for Another Two Years”

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has confirmed that coach Maurizio Sarri will sign a two-year contract extension with the club.

Speaking at the Lazio Christmas dinner (via LazioNews24) last night, the Biancocelesti president first commented on the importance of Lazio as a club.

I am the president of a big family that has grown a lot in these years. To this day I say that some have not grasped the importance of being part of a large family in which everyone has a role that they must play to the fullest.

Lazio is not a starting point, it’s a point of arrival. We are part of a family that represents a moral entity, during the First World War my predecessor decided to give up his land to create war gardens.

The Lazio president then discussed coach Maurizio Sarri and his contract extension with the club. The new deal will see him tied to the Biancocelesti until 2025.

Today I met Coach Sarri, a man who can make a difference in the world of football. He has a great passion for football, he lives for this sport.

The coach is not in a precarious position, on the contrary, I have given him the mandate to renew his contract for another two years.

We are the first to respect the rules of the system. The time of silent consent is over, today people must demonstrate their abilities through facts and attitudes.

Lotito remembered when World Cup winner Miroslav Klose signed for Lazio in 2011.

Klose arrived in Rome on his birthday. In the evening he went to rest as he had to train the next day.

He trained with the Primavera boys and at the end of the session he stopped to collect balls. For this reason he became the top scorer of the World Cup.

He touched on the importance of working with a strong attitude.

In order to be defined as champions, one must be recognised as such. Within this group there are people that I really respect for the way they behave through their attitude.

Sometimes, however, there is a problem of selfishness, we do not look at the collective.

The Lazio president spoke about what he would ask for Christmas.

For Christmas I would like the awareness of being able to recognise the value of respect.

Ours is a family where there must be pride in belonging and where you win with competitive malice and determination.

He explained why he choose last night’s venue in particular for the Christmas party.

I wanted this location because this is where I got married many years ago.

I wanted to give a signal, we are Lazio.

Lotito spoke about why he has placed so much trust in coach Sarri.

I’m betting on the coach because I’m convinced that through the way he behaves we can get results and he can allow the players to grow, first and foremost as men.

Finally, Lotito made some closing comments.

We are a big family with rules that cannot be ignored. I want at all costs to continue the growth of the system and the club. I will not allow anyone to destroy my work.

I have been president for eighteen years, no one has to teach me anything. I can teach you how to be a man.

Lotito is fully invested in Sarri’s project in Rome and the pair have been planning ahead for both the upcoming January transfer window as well as next summer’s market.

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