Lazio Ultras: “Acerbi Man Without Honour, Leave Rome Immediately”

By Apollo Heyes -

Lazio’s ultras have released a statement telling defender Francisco Acerbi that he is no longer welcome in Rome.

As reported by Italian media outlet LazioNews24 earlier today, the Biancocelesti ultras have not forgiven the 33-year-old Italian defender after the ‘shhh’ celebration he did following his goal in the 3-1 win over Genoa last weekend.

The former Sassuolo man was upset following recent criticisms that he has failed to properly adapt to coach Maurizio Sarri’s tactical system. He did apologise after the game on social media for the celebration, but this has done little to calm the ultras’ anger.

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Acerbi did not applaud the Lazio fans after yesterday’s win over Venezia, although this was because of an injury that he suffered during the match.

The Lazio ultras have released a statement condemning the former Sassuolo defender’s behaviour and have told him to leave the club.

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Below is the Lazio ultras statement in full:

Acerbi man without honour, leave Rome immediately. No forgiveness for those who betray! This is not just a slogan, but much more. It means that the fans are worth more than the players, that our flag is sacred!

Unfortunately, today’s players are too used to it and have never seen a proper protest. We protested against Chinaglia, Nesta and Mihajlovic (to name but three), monuments to our history. We went into the changing rooms at Tor di Quinto and Formello because some players, even players with a lot more honour than one from Chievo and Sassuolo, had disrespected us.

And we’re supposed to let pass the celebration and disrespect of a player who has shown that he despises an entire fanbase? Acerbi silenced the curva in the last match after months of support to the bitter end, Today he had the opportunity, as a man, to apologise under the guest sector occupied by 3000 Lazio fans.

Instead, at the end of the game, like a rabbit, while the other players came to cheer with us, he walked away. He backed out when a sincere apology would have sufficed. The fact that Acerbi is an important player in Lazio’s squad doesn’t matter to us. What matters to us is sweat, grit and respect. That’s why, as of today, Francesco Acerbi is no longer welcome here in Rome.

As long as he is here, he will be booed, In every game! “And who knows how many you’ve seen and how many you’ll see, sad players who never won”. ACERBI GO AWAY! ULTRAS LAZIO

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