Lazio’s Sarri Calls the Coppa Italia “One of the Most Unsportsmanlike” Competitions

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri has called the Coppa Italia “one of the most unsportsmanlike” competitions ahead of tonight’s match against Milan.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via LazioNews24) yesterday, the 63-year-old Italian coach first discussed this evening’s Coppa Italia clash against the Rossoneri.

We arrive with two right assumptions for both teams, they won a derby and it can give them a lot of fuel.

It’s unfortunate that the competition is one of the most unsportsmanlike in the world with a draw that you don’t know where it’s made, when it’s made or by whom it’s made.

It’s a competition that is obviously designed to get certain teams on live television, but we have the desire and the hunger to beat a team fighting for the Scudetto.

Sarri touched on Milan’s differences compared to their first meeting with Lazio this season. The Roman club lost 2-0 at the San Siro.

We’ve certainly changed, but we need to see how much Milan have improved. We had more room for improvement compared to the first match, but a one-off game is a story in itself, it’s hard to say what kind of game we’ll get.

Finally Sarri discussed the formation and type of match that he expects Lazio to play tomorrow.

I have no idea about the formation, we must play a game without conditioning. We lost badly in the league and we have to play with a lot of motivation.

They’re fighting for the Scudetto and the Coppa Italia could be a secondary objective while we’re in no man’s land and it could be a primary objective. We’re in a situation where we can’t choose a competition, we have to fire all the bullets we can.

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Milan currently set tied 2nd in the Serie A table after 24 games, with 52 points, one point behind league leaders and intercity rivals Inter. Their next match is against Sampdoria on Sunday, meaning that coach Stefano Pioli has the chance to rotate his squad a little in tonight’s match.

Lazio are also in a run of decent form, having won two of their last five league matches, drawing two and losing only once.

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