Lotito Justifies High Ticket Costs for Lazio vs Milan

Claudio Lotito explained the high ticket prices for Lazio’s upcoming match against Milan, something that has caused fan protest.

The Biancocelesti ultras released a statement recently expressing their frustration at the costs of tickets for Sunday’s electric clash – starting from €40 for the Curva Nord and from €60 for the Tribuna Tevere stands. It’s come at a poor time for Lotito, considering that Roma are currently filling the Stadio Olimpico with low-cost tickets.

Speaking to Il Messaggero (via LazioNews24), Lotito first discussed the fans’ decision to strike because of the high ticket prices.

To me all this controversy seems like a pretext on the part of those who wouldn’t have come to the stadium anyway or those who have only come so far to chant against me. The high ticket prices were expected at the start of the year.

It’s always been the case for four top games in a season. Otherwise we’re the third-last club in Italy in terms of ticket costs. When I did the promotions with Venezia, Sassuolo and Torino, with 20-25 thousand spectators I couldn’t even pay back the costs of the match.

The Lazio president touched on the high costs of playing at the Stadio Olimpico.

I pay €300 thousand per game. There is the fee for the Olimpico, the stewards, the firemen, the security service, the speaker, the staging, the SIAE, the catering and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Nothing comes into the budget.

Finally, Lotito expressed confidence that Maurizio Sarri would sign a contract renewal soon enough.

In time. Maurizio will stay at Lazio, as I’ve already said.

It’s now expected that the Stadio Olimpico will have a fairly dry atmosphere on Sunday evening as a number of fans are planning to protest, leaving the match feeling a little muted.

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