Milan Fans Set to Dominate Stadio Olimpico as Lazio Fans Protest

The latest ticket figures confirm that Milan fans will largely dictate the pace against Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday.

The Biancocelesti ultras released a statement recently complaining about the high cost of tickets for the upcoming match against Milan, feeling as if their loyalty was only being exploited by president Claudio Lotito. He was unimpressed with their complaints and refused to back down from the protest.

As detailed by Corriere dello Sport (via LazioNews24), around 19,000 tickets have been sold for the upcoming game between Lazio and Milan, a disappointing number for such an exciting clash.

The Rossoneri fans, who’ll be divided between the Distinti Sud Ovest and the Curva Sud, have purchased around 10,000 tickets for the game. Lazio fans have bought a little less, due to both the high prices and the resulting protest.

Tickets for the Curva Nord start at €40 and this rises to around €60 for the Distinti stands, something the Biancocelesti faithful find unacceptable.

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