Why Spezia vs Lazio (Obviously) Can’t be Replayed

Despite Francesco Acerbi’s late winner causing significant controversy, Lazio-Spezia will obviously not be replayed.

Although the Biancocelesti secured three points on the weekend after beating Spezia, it’s not been a relaxing start to the week for the Roman club. Fans and professionals alike have all had their say following Acerbi’s seemingly offside winner, furiously asking how such a mistake can still happen.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport (via LazioNews24), whilst some have been calling for Spezia-Lazio to be replayed as a result of the offside winner, it’s obviously impossible. The VAR rules themselves underline how an officiating error, even with VAR in use, doesn’t allow for a match to be replayed.

Below is the specific regulation in full:

In principle, a match is not invalidated due to: malfunctioning of VAR technology as well as goal-line technology (GLT); wrong decisions concerning VAR (since VAR is a match official); decision(s) not to review an episode; review(s) of a situation/decision that cannot be reviewed.

Jose Mourinho helped to ignite the powder-keg following Roma’s 0-0 draw with Bologna on Sunday; in the post-match press conference, he alluded to Acerbi’s winner and questioned how it was still possible.

Lazio didn’t react particularly well and released a long statement hitting back at the Portuguese coach yesterday, further adding fuel to the fire.

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