Juventus Coach Allegri: ‘It Was Important to Not Lose Against Lazio’

Massimiliano Allegri wasn’t too downtrodden following Juventus’ tiresome 2-2 draw with Lazio.

The Bianconeri took an early lead at home thanks to Dusan Vlahovic and Alvaro Morata, but the scoreline wasn’t truly reflective of the match, as the Biancocelesti largely dominated the ball and had endless chances on goal. Eventually their persistence paid off and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic scored an equaliser in the 96th minute of the match.

Speaking first to DAZN (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Allegri reacted to the draw against Lazio and the emotional farewells to Giorgio Chiellini and Paulo Dybala.

An emotional evening for Chiellini and Dybala. The one on Cuadrado was a foul but regardless that ball there should’ve been taken to the corner flag.

Tonight’s was a different night, we were numerically short. Those who played did well, it was important not to lose, in the end it was a beautiful night.

Allegri then spoke to gathered reporters in a press conference. He first commented on why he doesn’t want to discuss next season.

At this moment talking about next season makes little sense. It was an evening full of emotions where two extraordinary players were celebrated. Chiellini had a world-class career with 17 years at Juventus, Paulo will continue elsewhere, stories begin and end.

He has grown so much, he arrived as a young boy, he earned his place. He has done great things and I wish him the best. There was so much emotion that talking about anything else I think has little value.

The Juventus coach gave his thoughts on the fact that Dybala was sobbing as he left the pitch.

The choice has been made. Paulo reacted differently to Giorgio. There are feelings, emotions, characters. Paulo is a sensitive boy, that’s how he reacted. He has done as much for Juve as Juve has done for him.

It’s also nice to see a person cry because it means he has feelings. Maybe Chiellini will cry at home, it was hard not to cry tonight, I got emotional too.

Finally, Allegri discussed the boos aimed at Maurizio Sarri and the applause for Milinkovic-Savic, who ultimately scored the equaliser.

I didn’t hear anything. Sarri was the last coach to win the Scudetto here, Milinkovic-Savic is a good player but he’s at Lazio. To concede a goal at the last is never a pleasure, but this is emblematic of the season.

We must quickly get back into the habit of winning, we must understand that in certain moments the game must be taken home. At that moment we got carried away by enthusiasm. Then grant me this, but there was maybe a foul in that action. Then the referee refereed well.

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