Hellas Verona President: ‘High Chance of One or Two Deals With Lazio’

Maurizio Setti has highlighted that Hellas Verona are likely to carry out one or two deals with Lazio in this summer’s transfer window.

The Biancocelesti are preparing to revitalise their squad over the coming months and they’ve been linked to a number of Verona’s players, such as defender Nicolo Casale and striker Giovanni Simeone. Lazio signed Mattia Zaccagni from Verona last year and now the two clubs could do further business together.

Speaking to Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Hellas Verona president Setti first discussed Casale and Lazio’s interest.

Nicolò Casale is being followed by many clubs. Lazio had already shown interest in January for the talented prospect, there will definitely be a chance for him to go to Rome but we need to move before the start of training camp.

We’ll see in the coming days but we’re confident that Casale can do well at clubs that are more prestigious than ours.

He confirmed that a number of clubs could look to sign the talented defender.

Yes, there could be a fight on the market. Certain players are wanted by many clubs, not just two. We’ll be respectful and transparent with everyone.

Setti then spoke about Giovanni Simone and Ivan Ilic, two players who are also likely to be sold this summer.

If they all came to Lazio then Lotito would have to come up with too much money and he’d get angry!

I don’t think I can do everything with my prized possessions with just one club, it’s a conversation that I can’t guarantee can be undertaken with just one club.

The Hellas Verona then confirmed that a deal or two with Lazio is incredibly likely.

We have no preclusions with anyone, it’s a question of plans. If Lazio continue with Sarri they have to have a transfer window of a certain type, but these are decisions that don’t concern me.

I would obviously recommend these players to anyone. I’ve advised Lotito what to do, there’s the possibility of doing a deal with Lazio and there’s a high chance.

Maybe even two deals. However, it depends on the plans Lazio have for their market.

He gave his thoughts on the talented Ilic and if he’d accept an exchange deal.

We’re not looking for an exchange deal, Lazio’s players have too high wages and don’t seem to suit our game.

Ilic can play as a regista in a three-man midfield, he might resemble Jorginho but he is more structured in terms of depth, passing and running.

At the same age in my opinion Ilic is superior, I would see him in a top club, he can aspire to play in the best teams in Europe.

Setti commented on if Ilic would be a suitable replacement for Lucas Leiva, whose contract expires with Lazio next month.

Absolutely yes, he could be. However, we are talking about very important investments.

Finally, Setti discussed if he’d be willing to accept a loan deal with an obligation to buy clause attached this summer.

The market is strange, today it is too early to say how things will be done. Loans with obligations are coming to an end, but it is still too early to understand.

Within two weeks the market will turn on because then the training camps begin, but then there will be an open market with the season starting in mid-August and there we’ll see all sorts of things.

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