Most Memorable Moments in S.S. Lazio History

S.S. Lazio was one of the first-ever football clubs to originate in the year 1900 in Italy. Along with the talent and passion which had been passed on through generations, came along an array of massive events and unforgettable moments, which were written down in the history books to be remembered along the years, as the massive athletic world of Football grows more and more, holding its spot as the biggest, most widely spectated sport ever invented.

Nowadays, Lazio is one of the biggest and most popular football clubs in the world, not only for supporters to watch but also for punters to bet on. Even though they were tied to an infamous betting scandal in 1980 called Calciopoli, nowadays they are one of the most commonly bet-on clubs in Italy, as seen in statistics. This is due to their “underdog” nature and sheer dedication to the sport, which makes betting on them highly favourable for anyone since they seem to beat the odds quite frequently.

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1900-1930: The Foundation of Lazio

The first few decades were a great start for Lazio, as they built their reputation by bringing the sport to Rome and spreading it across Italy.

During the first thirty years, they were beating other clubs left and right, deeming themselves as Italy’s prime athletes and winning everything that came their way. The word got around and Lazio gained a spot in the first-ever National southern-central tournament which took place in Pisa, 1907, against Livorno, Pisa, and Lucca, which were all champions of their respective regional competitions.

It was this tournament that Lazio considered their first major victory, as it was this competition that gave Lazio their name as one of the top football teams in Italy.

1930-1939: As the Sport Started to Grow Internationally…

The 1930s were an interesting decade as more and more Italian clubs started to emerge as Football started gaining National interest across the whole European continent, and more and more skilled teams from different areas started to come out and show their newly formed teeth to the more experienced teams which had already been playing for a while.

Lazio’s victory run was over for the time being, even though they came very close to winning the Italian Scudetto shield, and even got the spot of Runners-up in the ‘36-37 Europa Cup final, where they lost to Ferencvaros, a team from Hungary.

1958: Lazio’s First Major Victory

Lazio achieved their first club title in 1958 – where Coach Fulvio Bernardini led the Biancocelesti to win the 11th edition of Coppa Italia with a single-goal win against Fiorentina. The winning goal was scored by Maurilio Prini, an Italian legend, still cherished in the Lazio history books to this day.

1971-1974: The Second & Third Major Victories

Lazio had won their second major tournament around 13 years later in 1971, having won their way to the top of the “Coppa Delle Alpi” tournament.

As a couple of years passed by, the team had competed in Italy’s most prestigious competitions at the time, building one of the most memorable starting squads to ever play for the club – featuring D’Amico, Frustalupi, Chinaglia, Re Cecconi, Garlaschelli, Nanni, Oddi, Wilson, Martini, Petrelli, and Pulici.

The dream team had won the Scudetto in 1974, just two seasons after rejoining the Serie A, having come in second place the year before.

1975-1986: The Dark Age

After their Scudetto victory, Lazio had come to face some of their most tragic eras to date, sending them through a historical rough patch, filled with terrible incidents and a whole decade of difficulty and share disappointment.

Starting off – their European cup exclusion due to both on-pitch and off-pitch incidents during a match against Ipswich from the UK in the prior season. Later on, they had devastatingly lost Coach Tommaso Maestrelli in a battle against cancer, the same coach who pushed Lazio to win their first-ever Serie A.

To make matters even worse for the club, Chinaglia moved to the USA, Luciano Re Cecconi passed away in a staged jewelry store robbery, and their golden era was interrupted due to an infamous Calciopoli betting scandal and the death of well-known club fan Paparelli from within the spectators’ stands.

These were all nasty unforgettable events for the club to keep a hold of within its history books, and they really fueled the club’s difficulty to climb back up to the top tier. Lazio were now suddenly the underdogs, and even though they weren’t seeing any major successes or victories, their bond with the supporters grew and grew. In fact, it had never been stronger, having built one of the most passionate club followings in all of Europe.

2000: Return to Triumph

After a long, excruciating wait and a wide range of milestones, runner-up finishes, near misses, and almost wins throughout the 1990s, Lazio finally regained their top position in the year 2000, beating Juventus 2-1 in Turin in an all-out match for the Italian Super Cup.

It was from this point onwards that Lazio kept their position among the 10 best teams of Serie A, as well as playing against the best in the world within the UEFA Champions League, along with numerous other European and Italian Title championships.

Overall to this day, they currently have a total of 17 championship trophies; one Serie B title, one Cup Winners Cup, one UEFA Supercup, two Serie A titles, five Italian Super Cups, and seven Italian Cups.

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