Tension Between Sarri & Tare Over Lazio Transfer Strategy

Things are tense between Maurizio Sarri and Igli Tare as disagreements erupt over the Lazio transfer market strategy.

Things are moving slowly in the Biancocelesti environment and the only confirmed signing so far is Brazilian midfielder Marcos Antonio. Lazio risk missing out on Alessio Romagnoli as well as they’ve failed to close the €400,000 gap between request and offer so far; they only have five days now before he reportedly agrees to join Fulham.

As reported by Alfredo Pedulla (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Sarri and Tare are tense due to different visions for the Lazio transfer market strategy; the feeling is that the coach asks for specific players but then nothing happens, leaving the 63-year-old frustrated.

Sarri is still waiting for a number of targets to arrive like Marco Carnesecchi and Romagnoli, and he’s growing tired of Tare’s slow work. He’s demanding a new left back and centre back before the pre-season training camp begins, wanting the maximum amount of time possible to train his new arrivals.

Lazio fans are also tired of Tare’s work now and their patience is clearly running out, so the club need to start making some moves fast. The pre-season training camp will start early next month and will take place in Auronzo di Cadore.

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  1. Lazio fans should expect nothing as far as lotitto and tare still there. Both doesn’t care about trophy.
    Real trophy for them is when they can sell players far higher than when they bought it.

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