Patric: ‘Our Goal Is to Finish in the Top Four, We’re Ready’

Patric discussed his recent contract renewal with Lazio, the new signings and his relationship with coach Maurizio Sarri. 

The 29-year-old Spanish defender put pen to paper on a five-year contract renewal with the Biancocelesti following a great season under Sarri last campaign. Patric proved himself to be tactically flexible and reliable, two things the Italian coach appreciates across a long season.

Speaking in a press conference (via LazioNews24) from Auronzo di Cadore today, Patric first discussed his recent five-year contract renewal.

It’s a source of pride to be here. I feel good with the game that the coach has worked on. I will always try to do my best in training and in the game to bring the Lazio shirt as far as possible.

He gave his thoughts on Sarri, who joined Lazio last year.

Sarri has been fundamental. He triggered something in me, in the game and the way of playing. You have to have fun on the pitch and always have the desire to train, and the coach has been very important in this. 

I suffered a lot from COVID and with him I found the joy of playing football again. It is important that a coach understands you on a mental level.

The Spaniard commented on the new arrivals in the Lazio squad and what they’ll bring.

The guys who are coming in have a lot of desire to work, I like that. Romagnoli, Casale, Gila I see them fitting in very well. 

Alessio has a groin problem, but he has an incredible desire for Lazio, we also talked about it on holiday. 

Mario is young, I know him, he is a player I like a lot, he will have to get used to Serie A, but he is strong.

Patric touched on his desire to always give his best, no matter what.

I always try to give my best, to grow as a man and as a footballer. I learn from people older than me. It’s a pleasure to be able to help the team, both when I play and when I don’t play.

He commented on how it feels to play with so many other Spaniards.

We always try to speak Italian, so the newcomers also learn right away. Even with Mario we are trying to teach him the language. I have no words for Pedro. 

When I was a kid I went to see him every Sunday at Barcelona. He trains like he’s still young.

The 29-year-old provided an update on his physical condition.

I have a problem with my knee, I took some painkillers to be able to take away the pain so I don’t fall behind in training. It’s nothing serious, but every time I play a pass it hurts. 

Physically I feel good. I don’t feel like a leader, we have five strong defenders and I have to earn my minutes.

Finally, Patric discussed his and Lazio’s goals for the upcoming season.

Our goal must be to finish in the top four and we have the potential. We are mentally ready.

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