Lazio Veteran Radu: ‘Next Year There’s a 99% Chance I’ll Retire’

Lazio record appearance holder Stefan Radu has announced his intentions to hang up his boots and retire next year.

The 35-year-old Romanian veteran is entering his 16th Serie A season with the Biancocelesti following his arrival in July 2008, and he’s hoping to end things on a high note under Maurizio Sarri. Radu has made 423 appearances across all competitions for the Roman club and become an iconic figure to the fans.

Speaking to Lazio Style Channel (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Radu first revealed his plans to retire next year. His contract expires with Lazio in June 2023.

At this moment I’ll tell you that there’s a 99% chance I’ll retire next year. It’s still early. I wanted to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to end my career here. 

I don’t think there will be a chance to play again next year, I have made the decision. I want to empty the tank, first conquer something important this year.

He touched on what he plans to do once he’s retired.

I’m not thinking about anything yet, I want to have fun this year winning something. Then I will think about the future.

The 35-year-old commented on the extreme heat in Auronzo di Cadore recently.

I spent a week or so training in Formello, it was very hot and I came home exhausted. It’s better here, although all over the world the scorching heat has arrived and I don’t remember such a hot Auronzo.

He spoke about how it feels to see all the Lazio fans present in Auronzo.

A lot of fans have arrived this year, we’re glad they are here. Unfortunately because of COVID we can’t get that close every day. Fortunately, there have been no injuries yet despite the conditions.

Radu discussed the seriousness of the work in the pre-season retreat under Sarri.

We are working very well, every day we have been working incredibly hard. At the moment it has been challenging. 

Seeing the new players I am very excited for the new season. The goal we set for ourselves is to improve on last year’s finish, so within the top four.

He commented on the fact that he’s the last of the Lazio old guard now.

I’m left alone! They, too, have found an extraordinary fan base and are ready to express themselves ahead of the new season. 

Finally, Radu discussed the 18 years of Claudio Lotito’s ownership of the club.

I wish the president well on the 18th anniversary. The club has grown so much, even this year they have carried out an impressive transfer window.

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