Sale of Lazio Season Tickets Starting to Pick Up

By Apollo Heyes -

An increasing number of fans are purchasing Lazio season tickets, setting up an exciting atmosphere in the Stadio Olimpico.

The Biancocelesti opened up the sale of of season tickets for the first time in three years earlier this month, and president Claudio Lotito was quick to highlight the low numbers bought, complaining that he’d done his part by strengthening the team in the transfer market.

As reported by Il Messaggero (via LazioNews24), clearly the Lazio fans have responded and now over 17,000 season tickets have been sold. The goal at the moment is to break 20,000 sold, the figures seen three years ago.

Intercity rivals Roma have already sold over 30,000 season tickets and it’s hard to imagine the Biancocelesti matching these numbers for the time being.

It’s clear that the Lazio fans are starting to respond to the project being launched by Maurizio Sarri in Rome, with the Italian coach managing to get his reinforcements in the transfer market, something many considered impossible.

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  1. Shame on me for not getting one yet, however I know that living in London I won’t make it to half of the games, I still want one and maybe give away the tickets when I can’t make it. Now the question is can I get my hand on them before the season starts so wish me a bit of luck 🙂

    Well done to the rest of us who signed up already, you are legends.

    Ps: if you know about the sale of the season tickets closing earlier than the start of the season for us let me know , would help.

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