Provedel: ‘Not Thinking About Competition With Maximiano’

Ivan Provedel suggested that he wasn’t interested in competing with Luis Maximiano at Lazio, instead wanting to focus on his own development.

The 28-year-old Italian shot stopper signed for the Biancocelesti earlier this week, completing a €2m move from Spezia. Provedel has signed a five-year contract with Lazio and is now working with the squad ahead of the rapidly approaching Serie A season.

Speaking at his unveiling (via LazioNews24), Provedel first discussed how it feels to have joined Lazio this summer.

I thank Tare and the club for completing this long negotiation. There is no age issue, I also had an injury that slowed me down. 

I only think every day to do my best to improve and make a contribution to the team for the goals to be achieved. For me it is an honour to be here.

The 28-year-old revealed why he decided to become a goalkeeper and who inspired him.

I always wanted to do it since I was a kid, I always had the dream of being a goalkeeper at a certain level, then I had a path that put me in front of a crossroads where I thought ‘either I do goalkeeping or I do goalkeeping,’ and that’s how it was. 

As a kid I saw Toldo against Holland and I fell in love with the role. Marchetti I met as an opponent, I saw what he did here and I really enjoyed following him, he inspired me.

He commented on his physical condition and the work he’s been carrying out.

I trained every day thinking I would improve and be ready if the deal went through, I hoped for it every day. I am a professional and I wanted to get into condition as soon as possible.

Provedel noted his desire to prove his value in the Italian capital.

I have always dreamed of playing at a high level, I will always be grateful to Castellammare for giving me chances despite my injury. I am here, but I haven’t done anything yet, I have to prove I can be here.

The 28-year-old discussed his teammate and fellow goalkeeper Luis Maximiano, and if there’ll be a competition for a starting spot.

I don’t think about the competition, I just think about doing what the coach asks, who demands a lot. 

My thought is to learn what he wants, do it the best I can and integrate with my teammates. Then it will be up to him to decide who to line up each game. I don’t want any other thoughts.

He commented on the suggestion that he’s undervalued considering his ability.

I’m honest, it makes me happy to know that I have great numbers, but I don’t pay attention to them because I don’t go to them. This is a world that travels very fast, if you do well you do well. If not, the judgment changes in an instant. 

Football goes in the direction of the goalkeeper coming out and playing with his feet and I adapt, but I just have to prove on the pitch that I deserve confidence.

Finally, Provedel discussed his excitement at playing in front of the fans at the Stadio Olimpico.

A stadium that as an opponent has given me so much emotion and I think, I am sure, will give me even more with the public cheering with me and not against me.

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