Vecino: ‘Serie A Remains Our Priority, Not Europa League’

Matias Vecino noted that Lazio are keen to get a strong result against FC Midtjylland but that Serie A is still the main focus.

The Biancocelesti currently sit 7th in the Serie A table after the opening six games, picking up 11 points from three wins and two draws. Lazio are looking stronger this campaign, showing more signs of Sarrismo and seemingly gelling better than last year.

A 4-2 win over Feyenoord last week got their Europa League campaign off to a good start and they’re keen to follow that up with another win against Midtjylland.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Vecino first discussed Lazio’s search for consistency.

It’s a recurring theme even inside the dressing room, considering what was happening in previous years. This year there seem to be more players we can count on and we’re happy to help out.

As I said last time, we are just at the beginning. The loads will start to be felt later on.

He commented on the heavy workload players are subjected to this season, considering the upcoming winter World Cup in Qatar.

Most players are used to playing so much. It’s tough, but then the best thing is to be on the pitch.

World Cup? It’s not something I already have in my head, it’s still more than two months away. Not football nowadays playing every three days, there’s no time to think about it, it’s too far away.

I’m focused on what I have to do here, prepare as best I can and then when that time comes my head will be 100% there because it’s too important an appointment.

The 31-year-old Uruguayan midfielder touched on Sarri’s rotations and if that gives him extra motivation.

Sometimes the coach makes choices for players he wants to rest, other times there are players who need to put minutes in their legs. It’s more his decision.

As for me, it’s clear that I need to put minutes in to feel at my best, but it’s playing every game at the same level that’s difficult. The coach will see the right moment for each of us.

Vecino gave his thoughts on the Biancocelesti fans and their passionate support.

Although it’s only been a short time that I’ve been here, I see great enthusiasm, there’s a great atmosphere, which we can breathe especially when we play at home.

It’s good to know that there will be a lot of them both tomorrow and on Sunday. It’s important support for us.

He suggested that Lazio’s priority was still Serie A and not the Europa League.

I don’t think the Europa League is the priority, the league is fundamental for us. In Europe you find different teams compared to the Italian ones.

Verona for example are a physical team that plays all over the pitch, in Europe maybe you find teams that in their leagues are used to attacking a lot, so they create more spaces that we have to take advantage of like we did last Thursday.

It always depends on who you play against, because there are many important teams, but the league must remain our priority.

Finally, Vecino discussed his quick adaption to Sarri’s 4-3-3 system in Rome.

It was easy thanks to the teammates who make you feel good straight away. Only Hysaj had been in the same team for a year at Empoli, the others are all new but it was easy, also thanks to the help of the coach and his staff that I already knew.

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  1. I like him. I think he has a lot to give and everyone forgot the goal he scored against us to take Inter to CL a few years back. Honestly, it’s not even him, but De Vrij who f up. C’mon Matias & forza Lazio!!!

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