Lazio President Lotito Elected to Italian Senate for Molise

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has been elected to the Italian senate, representing the region of Molise as part of the Forza Italia party.

This was not the Biancocelesti president’s first attempt to enter in the world of politics. In 2018 he was nominated by Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right party, to represent Campania, but he failed to be elected. Lotito refused to give up in his desire to become a political figure and again stood for the centre-right again in this election.

As detailed by La Lazio Siamo Noi, Lotito will now represent Molise in the Italian senate after winning enough votes. The Lazio president will now take a more active role in the Italian political scene, splitting his time between the Biancocelesti and his commitments to Molise.

Lotito underlined his intentions to do right by the people of Molise after being elected to represent the region in the senate.

I put my heart, passion, and genuine feelings into the campaign, and they have been received by the people of Molise, who have entered my heart. They have understood my total availability and spirit of service to the problems of the Molise region.

I will take their demands to parliament with the same determination and political attitude I used in the election campaign. The centre-right was united, I thank all the parties that supported me, especially Forza Italia, which nominated, supported, and endured me.

I thank some of the candidates with whom we shared the travails of the electoral bell. The people of Molise will not be betrayed, they deserve it. Molise is a fantastic region, it deserved someone to bring its voice to parliament.

The Lazio president promised to be an active participant in the political scene as he works to represent Molise properly.

Absolutely yes, I do not intend to betray the expectations of the people of Molise, this is my way of being, I always want to keep the commitments I make. They are commitments that are part of my DNA.

The people of Molise have entered my heart, they are due, I will fight to make it happen.

The first demands? The problem of healthcare and infrastructure, we need to remove Molise and the Molise people from this media isolation.

Finally, Lotito discussed his intentions to improve sport and the opportunities for young people in the region.

On this issue I promised from the outset that Molise should have a team in the professional divisions. We will work to make this happen.

Young people? I make the appeal, they must have faith, this is a new season made on the enhancement of the territory and its excellence.

I will allow for a glimmer of employment, a synergy between the course of study and all the trade associations to find an immediate integration system in the production sector through internships that can turn into stable jobs.

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