Lotito: ‘Politics Won’t Distract Me From Lazio’

Lazio president Claudio Lotito was satisfied with the team’s start to the season and suggested that his political career won’t impact his ability to run the club.

The Biancocelesti president was elected to the Italian senate as the representative for Molise, being the centre-right candidate. Lotito has long held ambitions of entering the world of Italian politics and finally achieved his goal in the recent election, leaving some fans concerned that his focus on football would be diminished.

Speaking to Lazio Style Magazine (via LazioNews24), Lotito first discussed Lazio’s positive start to the 2022-23 season.

Dear Biancocelesti fans, the 2022-23 football season has started in a decidedly positive manner. Lazio have a competitive squad, their own physiognomy of play, they’re courageous, they never give up attacking and playing the game.

They embody the ambition of the entire club, which wanted to build a new project with their coach. The technical heritage has been greatly strengthened.

Our best players, who the big teams in Europe would like, have stayed here. In addition, important, young and experienced players have arrived.

The Lazio president commented on the impact of the fans and the sale of season tickets this season.

I’m satisfied with the important response in terms of attendance at the stadium, with a season ticket campaign that has taken us to over 26,000 at home games and also wonderful support that is given.

When the Lazio fan is there, you can see and feel it. And our team does everything to repay this affection, they fight for every ball, they don’t give up even in the face of unexpected results, they show audacity and determination.

He touched on the strengths of the Biancocelesti under Maurizio Sarri.

Our strength is our certainty, having a competitive team, a splendid fanbase, not being second to anyone.

Finally, Lotito discussed his election to the Italian senate and his split focus between football and politics.

It’s not an easy commitment, I won’t be distracted from Lazio. In the home games, when possible away, as well as at Formello, my presence alongside the team won’t be missed, for the success of this great family.

After the first seven games of the Serie A season, Lazio sit 4th in the league table with 14 points, picking up four wins and two draws.

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  1. I would’ve added right at the end of the article that the sole loss is to the leaders of the group who are only 3pts above the SkyBlueEagle.(and we led them, that was the issue imo, because we did not play the way we would’ve pushed without leading earlyish)

    All in all, the team is indeed competitive, Lotito deserves applause and same do the fans, they are brilliant.

    Sarri needs to keep doing what he does, keep his temper under check and we will go places. Mark my word, these eagles will fly high!

    Thank you for the article.

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