Martusciello on ‘Tricky Match’ vs Spezia, Immobile Impact & Zaccagni Qualities

Assistant coach Giovanni Martusciello highlighted the difficulties of the thrilling Lazio win over Spezia, the importance of Ciro Immobile and the level of Mattia Zaccagni.

The Biancocelesti looked confident as they cruised to a 4-0 win over the Aquilotti in their first game back from the international break, maintaining the momentum seen in the early stages of the season. It was a good result for Lazio at the start of an incredibly busy six-week period in the run-up to the World Cup in Qatar.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Martusciello first reacted to Lazio’s 4-0 win over Spezia.

A tricky match because we were coming from a break, many guys didn’t train with us, some arrived on Monday/Tuesday. Not only that, but also the time of the match. We had to speed up our preparations, at 9.00 we were already eating a plate of pasta.

Even the level of the opposing team, Spezia, wasn’t to be underestimated. They had all aspects that could trip us up. We showed great solidity. We’re happy because it rewards us for the work being done. We certainly cannot be satisfied. 

Our goal is to ward off danger from Provedel, and when you can’t do that you have to use different means. Tactics help you but then it’s the player, the leader who moves the game. We don’t want to be behind, Sarri is this leader, otherwise there would be another coach.

He touched on the physical condition of Immobile and his impact on the match.

Ciro trained yesterday. The fear that he might go into the injured area led us to replace him. The same goes for Lazzari. Ciro is a guy who even if he doesn’t score goals is an example, he never gives up. 

He’s a player who makes the team make a leap in quality. There has been this controversy with the national team, but let’s think that he only trained yesterday.

The Lazio assistant coach commented on the helpful backing of the Biancocelesti supporters.

The fans are extraordinary, at home or away. This enthusiasm makes us win four or five more matches. We live for this joy. To find a stadium as full as the Olimpico, full of Biancocelesti fans for us who work for Lazio is the best. 

I say this not as a joke, sometimes we make a few jokes and immediately we are taken back even by the warehousemen who are Lazio fans. There’s a sense of belonging that gets inside you. To see this Curva like this, the cheering, the continuous anthem, it’s chilling.

Martusciello spoke highly about winger Zaccagni, who is continuing to shine in blue and white.

He’s an extraordinary player, it shouldn’t be a lack of a call-up that’s his motivation, he has to be stimulated every time he trains as he is doing. 

What he did today is because he trained very well in these 15 days like the others. Zaccagni doesn’t have to give answers because he’s not being called up.

Finally, Martusciello discussed the qualities of goalkeeper Ivan Provedel.

How Provedel has arrived now on a big stage we should ask ourselves, it’s not a day he plays. We are happy to have got him and so is Maximiano. 

They are coached well and are two professionals. He arrived here with a spirited eye, every second of training he does it as if it were his last.

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