Sarri: ‘Would Be Nice for Lazio to Show Their Full Potential’

Maurizio Sarri was relieved to see a good response from his Lazio side in their 4-0 win over Fiorentina.

The Biancocelesti came into the match at Florence on the back of a tiring 0-0 draw with Sturm Graz last week, a result the team needed to shake off. Lazio did just that and put in another good display away from home, looking defensively solid and taking advantage of their chances to secure a comfortable win.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Sarri first analysed Lazio’s 4-0 win over Fiorentina.

We played a good game. We suffered, the initial phase above all. We went ahead, we were good for about twenty minutes responding action after action. The end of the first half we played it too deep.

Being a post-European match, it’s clear that teams tend to drop in the end. And this also happened to Fiorentina. It’s not a result to be believed 100%, Fiorentina created difficulties for us, situations to open it up again.

We are happy to have won at a very difficult stadium, against a team destined to rise in the standings. As soon as we get off the train we have to forget everything and focus on Europe.

The Lazio coach then gave his thoughts about the team’s work in Europe this season.

Europe is tough, with the current formula it’s impossible. It’s no coincidence that there are seven teams in Europe and five have fewer points this year. That’s how it works abroad too, all over Europe.

In the league we are doing well, but it’s a marathon. It’s long, serious stuff, where you need luck, mentality, conscience. It’s too early to say what we are in this reality. A strange season, divided into two sections, even greater unknowns.

He didn’t feel the need to ask fans to attend Lazio’s next match against Sturm Graz in Rome.

Useless to do that, Lazio fans come en masse to away matches, at home we get 45,000 spectators. Our fans are responding great.

I have regained the desire to coach in this environment and thanks to this fanbase. The Lazio fans are a great people, the civility with which they speak to you I haven’t seen anywhere.

The Italian coach commented on the different performances put in across Serie A and Europa League.

It’s not that I can only feel responsible for the league games and forget the rest. We have to evaluate everything as a whole.

The usual is different from last year, but we have to take it easy. This is a good period, but we have to make the season.

He spoke about the performance of midfielder Marcos Antonio.

I’ve seen him quite well, it’s clear he couldn’t do 90 minutes, the last full match he did in January. Cataldi had a little problem during the night, I asked Vecino and Luis Alberto to play in the centre of midfield.

The Biancocelesti coach commented on the impact of Matias Vecino.

He’s a guy who has mental energy, physical energy. One who also transmits it to his teammates. A reliable player, clear that he is becoming a reliable player for us.

Finally, Sarri discussed what he wants to see next from his Lazio squad.

They can try to go and see their true potential, I think they’ve never fully expressed it because of limitations in mentality. It would be nice to go and see who we really are.

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