Lazio Exploring Move to Stadio Flaminio – The Latest

Lazio president Claudio Lotito is seriously exploring the possibility of leaving the Stadio Olimpico for the Stadio Flaminio in Rome.

The Biancocelesti currently share the Olimpico with intercity rivals Roma and both clubs are unhappy with the state of the city-owned stadium, regularly complaining about the quality of the pitch and opportunities for commercial growth. Roma have been working on their own new stadium project and Lazio are also hard at work, focusing their efforts on the Stadio Flaminio.

The 30,000 seat stadium has been unused for over a decade and is now in a poor state, something that Lotito has had to contend with. Lazio need to iron out a number of issues, from the lack of a roof to parking facilities to the state of the stands, and a serious proposal is now being drawn up in Rome.

The city of Rome are open to the idea and are now waiting for a complete bid from the Biancocelesti, who are taking their time to iron out all the details before making any submission. 

Lotito provided an update (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) on the Stadio Flaminio project last week, confirming that work is still ongoing.

I was the one who launched the idea of the Stadio Flaminio, when we came here to celebrate Lazio Women’s promotion to Serie A. I may seem an unromantic person, not very attached to feelings and pathos, but in reality this is a form of professionalism of mine. 

I’m very attached to the fact that Lazio play at the Flaminio. Having it as our home is something that evokes our history and our roots. But then we also have to touch on the practical aspects, not just the sentimental ones. 

I am working to see what we can really do with all the functional people, so that we can find the solution to the problems. We have to find the right solution both romantically and structurally. The roof, the parking, the seats in the stands are many of the problems to be solved. 

We are planning not something for tomorrow, but for the future. We want a structure that will be a flagship for our people. In Formello we had Gianni Infantino who was amazed by our sports centre and told us that there are few facilities of this type in the world.

The Rome councillor for sport, tourism, major events and fashion, Alessandro Onorato discussed the situation last month, confirming that things could move quickly should Lazio present a complete proposal.

If the president is serious, the authorisation process to arrive at the approval of a public-private partnership project is relatively quick. It can be closed in 10 months.

Now it is up to society. It would be natural to imagine that Lazio and its fans could have their stadium at the Flaminio. If the right way is not found, we will look for a valid alternative.

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