Sarri on Lazio Without Immobile, Defensive Stability & Atalanta Qualities

Maurizio Sarri underlined the difficulties of playing without Ciro Immobile, the dangers of Atalanta and Lazio’s increase defensive stability.

The Biancocelesti have only conceded five goals in their opening 10 Serie A matches this season, far better than the 17 they conceded after the same amount of games last campaign. Things are not all rosy in Rome, however, as Lazio lost star striker Immobile to a hamstring injury, ruling him out of action until January.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Sarri first gave his thoughts on Lazio’s defensive stability this season.

You always have to wait, these are statistics that make sense in the long run, in 10 games they can depend on a thousand factors. 

We could do with continuing like this, we know it’s not certain that it’s the right number for us. We’ll see with many more games as proof.

The 63-year-old Italian coach did not think tomorrow’s game against Atalanta was vital for the outcome of this season.

It can affect the development of the season, for it to be decisive eight months from the end seems excessive to me. Leaving aside the material aspect, on a mental level it can give us something and take it away.

He underlined the seriousness of losing star striker Immobile.

The absence of players who have certain numbers is heavy, it happens to all those who have such impactful players. If PSG did not have Mbappé they would be a little worried, like Barcelona without Lewandowski. 

The risk of losing some potential is there, we still managed to do well at the end last year. We have to give 100%. 

We don’t have one with similar characteristics, we have to go for different characteristics. Last year Pedro and Felipe tried, now also Cancellieri because of the many games.

Sarri defended his regular usage of the 32-year-old Italian striker.

There are three players who have played more than him. If I was sure he would get injured I would have kept him out. On a muscular level he hadn’t given any signals, others have more minutes.

Some have also played more with the national team, many should be injured. Lewa I always saw him on the pitch with Barca, you can have the squad you want, but some always play the same. It’s useless to have too much mental frustration, there are holes to pull.

The Italian coach spoke highly about tomorrow’s opponents Atalanta.

If Gasp’s teams train consistently they become steam rollers. Few strikers have the forward pack. Zapata out, they have Malinovskyi out. 

Then Lookman is level, he has a super shot. Muriel has enormous quality. They’re described as an aggressive team, but I repeat, they also have a lot of quality.

The Lazio coach hoped that the team wouldn’t suffer psychologically without Immobile.

We’ll see if he’ll be missing for seven games. If the team is struggling mentally they’re not mature, Milan have been without Ibrahimovic for six months. Otherwise we always go chasing excuses. If they’re mature they’ll also play without Immobile, losing through immaturity if not.

Finally, Sarri commented on the possibility of seeing Immobile on the pitch again before the World Cup break next month.

We’re making every attempt, I’ve seen that the guy is tough to want to shorten the time, it can be done and there’s no margin for risk, I’ve seen the treatment plan, it’s a tough one, he’s one that’s made himself available to recover a little sooner.

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