Lazio Unhappy With Stadio Olimpico Pitch Ahead of FC Midtjylland Clash

Maurizio Sarri will send some of his Lazio staff to examine the Stadio Olimpico pitch ahead of tomorrow’s game against FC Midtjylland.

Both the Biancocelesti and intercity rivals Roma are unhappy with the quality of the playing turf at the Stadio Olimpico, something that both Sarri and his Giallorossi counterpart Jose Mourinho have drawn attention to in recent months. Government organisation Sport e Salute have promised to improve the pitch but key improvements have not yet been implemented.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport (via LazioNews24), Sarri was unimpressed when watching Roma’s clash with Napoli on the weekend, repeating that the “ball doesn’t flow” on the pitch due to the poor surface.

Sport e Salute offered Lazio the chance to train at the stadium ahead of their game against Midtjylland but this was turned down. The Danish side will inspect the stadium today and will have the chance to train on the pitch as well.

Sarri wants to understand the conditions of the playing surface better and will send Gianni Picchioni, one of his staff members, as well as the club’s trusted agronomist to inspect the pitch before the match.

Sport e Salute will carry out improvement work in the coming weeks and months, with major work being carried out during the upcoming World Cup break, and specialists from both Lazio and Roma will be involved.

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