Caicedo: ‘I’ll Wait for Lazio’s Call Until the End of My Career’

Felipe Caicedo opened up about his desire to return to Lazio, his relationship with the fans and his memories of his time in Rome.

The Ecuadorian forward spent four years of his career with the Biancocelesti from 2017 to 2021, becoming a fan favourite for his ability to net crucial late goals and his high work rate. Caicedo scored 33 goals in 139 games for Lazio before leaving for Genoa last year.

Speaking to Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Caicedo first discussed what he’s up to now and if he still follows Lazio.

I’m at home, in Valencia. Everything is fine, thank god. Now the season in Arabia has stopped, the national team has asked for a month in advance to prepare for the World Cup. We’re playing, we’re training. Now we have a bit of a holiday. 

Do I follow Lazio? Yes, I follow them. I like them, I could already see last year that they were playing well. They finished the season well and started it off great.

He reacted to the fans’ suggestions that he return to Lazio to be the backup for injured star Ciro Immobile.

I’m pleased. I know, the fans write to me almost every day on social media. Unfortunately Immobile got injured, I saw the game in which he got injured. It wouldn’t be bad if he could rest every now and then. 

No, I haven’t heard from him lately. The esteem is there, his wife talks to mine every day. The bond is there. Lazio have every department complete, a striker to rest Ciro every now and then wouldn’t be bad. 

I haven’t spoken to Lotito. I know he wants the best for me, and I feel the same. If they were to ask me to come back, I’d do it in a hurry. It’s my home. Until the end of my career, I’ll wait. That’s my hope.

The Ecuadorian forward reflected on his time at Lazio and recalled some of his favourite moments.

I miss them a lot. Lazio are the team of my heart for me. I learned a lot, I felt so much love from everyone. 

Goal against Juve? Of course I remember it! A misplay by Lazzari. Luckily the ball came to me. I closed my eyes and shot for goal. 

Booked for taking my shirt off? I didn’t care at that point. It was too great an emotion, I didn’t even think about a booking. 

More exciting Juve, Cagliari or Torino? I’d say Cagliari! Also for the moment, for the way things were going. We were down 1-0, then Luis Alberto made it 2-1 in the 98th minute, it was magical stuff.

He touched on his strong relationship with the Biancocelesti supporters.

The fans were always with me, they always showed me their affection. But they give me chills. 

Do I think about going back to Rome for a few days? Yes, absolutely. I want to say hello to everyone, I have lots of friends. I have to come back. As soon as I have a good day, I’ll go. 

Do I get angry with Inzaghi? He let me talk. He knew me so well, he wouldn’t even look at me.

Finally, Caicedo gave his thoughts on the current state of Lazio and their goals this season.

This year is the right year, I don’t know yet if we’ll be fighting for the Scudetto, but for the top four for sure. If we maintain the project next year, we must fight for first place, that must be the goal. The team is there.

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