Immobile Talks Love for Lazio, Napoli Scudetto Charge & Azzurri Issues

Ciro Immobile discussed his emotional ties with Lazio, Napoli’s fight for the Scudetto and the issues he’s faced with the Italian national team.

The 32-year-old Italian striker has continued to be the central figure in the Biancocelesti squad this season, scoring seven goals and providing five assists in 15 appearances across all competitions. Immobile is a true leader for Lazio on and off the pitch, and his recent absence due to a hamstring injury only further highlighted his importance to the club.

Speaking at the Starcks crypto event (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Immobile first discussed his relationship with the Lazio fans.

I believe that their affection is the most important thing. Since I started playing this sport I have always believed in its values, passion is what drove me forward.

Then it became my profession, when I meet the fans of any team who congratulate me on Ciro the man and not Ciro Immobile the player, my heart fills with joy.

I am happy when people talk about Ciro the man because in the end when I stop playing, he will be the one who remains.

He commented on how at home he feels in the Italian capital.

I feel at home here, as does my family, we are Romans by adoption. We feel at ease, two of our children were born in Rome. However, 50% of our blood is still Neapolitan.

The 32-year-old Italian striker spoke about Napoli’s incredible start to this season.

Right now, they have a big advantage, especially in terms of points. With the fact of the World Cup now I can’t tell you because it’s new for us, but if they can keep up that pace they have an important advantage.

It’s an unusual season, we’re in it and we’re fighting with great teams that will give us a hard time.

Immobile discussed if he’d leave Lazio in a similar way to how Lorenzo Insigne left Napoli.

I have a relationship with the president and the club that is really the best a player can have. Maximum in terms of sincerity and whatever I needed; they have always helped me.

Now I have a contract for another three years, if I’m well and can give everything for this shirt I want to stay here. Then if one day I want to make a different choice, we’ll talk about it absolutely with great sincerity as we always have.

Right now, I’m focusing mainly on what I’m doing on the pitch and what I can give, as I’m the captain, to this club, even afterwards if they like it of course.

He reflected on his tough experiences with Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla.

Before signing, he told me he had seen 50 games of mine. He is a charismatic coach; he always tries to talk. The language penalised me a bit, having a translator I didn’t have direct contact with him.

Dortmund was not a failure, the team was full of difficulties and mine were the same as those of my teammates. At Sevilla it was different because I didn’t get on with the coach.

The 32-year-old recounted his experiences with coach Simone Inzaghi.

Very different from Sarri. Between one year and the next the team had to undergo this radical change, the coach is still a former player.

We still have an important relationship, which goes beyond that between player and coach. Obviously, every time we see and talk to each other I always wish him the best, for me he was an important person who I love.

He revealed that he pays little attention to the all-time top scorer rankings.

There are important names that have made the history of this sport. As a Neapolitan I’m superstitious about numbers, I don’t read them that much. I rely on what happens on the pitch and on the team to help me climb these charts.

Immobile gave a detailed account of his relationship with the Italian national team, their failure to qualify for the World Cup and the next steps ahead of the Azzurri.

At the next call-up we will return to celebrating. At the last one I had some physical problems unfortunately, but I’m always available for the Azzurri jersey.

Did we underestimate the commitments after the European Championship? Something definitely happened, underestimated yes. A bit of everything. It’s not possible that a team that wins the European Championship then doesn’t go to the World Cup, something happened.

We had a talk with the coach, we knew that after a win there is always that thing that pushes you to be satisfied. Unconsciously we underestimated a group that, as European champions, could have been easy, but it wasn’t so. The non-win with Bulgaria and the draw with Switzerland put us in a bit of a scare.

Generational change? There was some, when the World Cup qualification was over. The coach needs the old ones to integrate the new ones because he has little time, so we were always there to encourage this generational change.

Of course, it takes time, even the work when we won the European Championship started from afar. I believe that people must trust us as they did in the summer of the European Championship. The national team is one of the strongest historically and one of the most titled in the world, so not participating in the World Cup is painful.

I have experienced this twice and they will be the flaws of my career. But I have a lot of confidence in what the future will be, unlike what I hear people saying. There are many young people who can emerge.

Raspadori the new Immobile? I think he is technically stronger than me, but with fewer goals. He is not a target man, but with the game the national team plays he has integrated well because of his hunger.

In the same way he did at Napoli with Osimhen up front, he has made progress. He’s a very valuable player and that counts for a lot.

He spoke about his most beautiful goal.

They’re all beautiful, it’s hard to leave one out, even the ones on an empty goal.

Technically I’m very attached to the first goals, so the one with the national team, with Lazio and in the Champions League. But technically the one in Cagliari is the most beautiful.

Finally, Immobile gave his thoughts on coach Maurizio Sarri.

I’ve never seen a person have more passion for football than the coach. He has dedicated, dedicates and will dedicate his life to football. Even the president always says so.

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