Lazio Face Roadblocks in Quest for Juventus Owned Left Back

Lazio are seriously interested in picking up Luca Pellegrini in January but it won’t be easy for them to sign the Juventus owned left back.

The 23-year-old Italian was offered to the Biancocelesti a few weeks ago and the club were immediately interested in the idea, but after some time to reflect it’s become clear that it would not be an easy deal to pull off. Pellegrini is currently on loan with Eintracht Frankfurt, a matter that complicates things.

As highlighted by Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Lazio would first need to find a way to resolve the infamous liquidity index issues before being able to make a move for Pellegrini, meaning one or two players would need to be sold or sent away on loan.

Furthermore, Eintracht Frankfurt have limited options for the left back role, with only the oft-injured Christopher Lenz in the position alongside the Italian, so they may not be willing to accept Pellegrini’s departure in January.

The Juventus owned full back earns around €3 million net per season, wages that would weigh heavily on Lazio’s books, and the Biancocelesti would only be interested in a loan deal with some form of permanence clause attached, not willing to entertain a simple six-month dry loan. 

Considering all of these issues, Lazio may decide to focus on an easier idea, but for now the thought of picking up Pellegrini is still intriguing. 

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