Sarri: ‘Lazio Need to Make the Definitive Leap Forward’

Maurizio Sarri underlined his concerns after Lazio’s confident win over Milan and touched on the strengths of Vincenzo Italiano’s Fiorentina.

The Biancocelesti shook off their poor start to 2023 with hard-fought wins over Sassuolo and Bologna, and they followed these up with an electric 4-0 win over defending champions Milan on Tuesday, restoring their confidence after a difficult start to the year.

Speaking in a press conference (via TMW), Sarri first discussed what he needs from his Lazio squad after their win over Milan.

The solution is balance, in feelings and analysis, without ever going into overdrive of pessimism or optimism.

Our history tells us that this is a risky game, we need to make the definitive leap forward. We spent a lot of mental energy with Milan, I fear the down. Consistency is the only thing this team lacks.

He was asked if he was proud of Mattia Zaccagni’s progress.

I don’t know if I should be satisfied or he should be p*ssed off for not having done this in previous years. When I saw him before I always had that feeling.

The 63-year-old Italian coach provided an update on injured captain Ciro Immobile.

It’s still not my final word. He hasn’t had a full training session with the team. The guy has positive feelings, the doctors are more cautious, the ultrasound looks clean.

The doctors have the final word, he wants to be available for a few minutes. Let’s see the results say, then we’ll decide.

Sarri touched on his expectations for the clash with Fiorentina.

The first match was won by a wide margin, but not in terms of performance. They did not do less than us on the pitch.

At this stage of the season Fiorentina are not able to realise the performances they make.

They are first in terms of centre of gravity, third in terms of shots taken, fourth in terms of chances created, for example. In the single game therefore, they’re very dangerous.

He gave his thoughts on the Biancocelesti’s increased defensive solidity this season.

Defensive solidity is the first brick to put in place to build a team, this year we have managed it more often. However, it’s not easy to have the same application and spirit of sacrifice for 90 minutes.

If they are there we are solid, if they are not there it becomes difficult and we become a vulnerable team.

The Lazio coach was asked if 73 points, the average required over the last five years, will be enough for the team to achieve a top four finish this season.

The average is like the average chicken. If there is a chicken for 10 people and one eats it all, the other nine go hungry. You’re talking to a guy who lost a Scudetto with 91 points, it never happened.

I do nothing with averages. The competition increases the performance of all the teams, then the scores depend on the relegation battle, based on the performance of the teams fighting for relegation, the threshold is raised or lowered. Every season has its own story.

Finally, Sarri gave his thoughts on midfielder Danilo Cataldi, who has grown into an important player this campaign.

He has to be Cataldi, he lacks little. He has grown exponentially, now he is strong. He is less considered than others because he is Roman and grew up here in the youth system.

If he had cost €20 million, he would have had a different media consideration.

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