Acerbi: ‘If I Stayed at Lazio, I Would’ve Played Still’

Francesco Acerbi was honest when discussing his battle with cancer, his desire to bounce back after his troubles at Lazio and his plans for the future.

The veteran Italian defender left the Biancocelesti last summer for Inter, joining on a season-long loan deal with a buy option attached.

Once a key member of the squad in Rome, Acerbi struggled to adapt to Maurizio Sarri’s system and fell out with the fans after telling them to keep quiet when celebrating a goal, something he was never forgiven for.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via LazioNews24), Acerbi first looked back at his battle with cancer.

When I had two tumours, I didn’t give a damn. I knew I was beating them. I was almost happy. I know, it sounds like a paradox, but I was cheeky.

I used to say: okay come on, let’s face them’, like a game. I used to tell myself: ‘I am not afraid’. But then I realised that it is impossible not to be afraid. In fact, I used to hide it, I used to keep it inside.

Now I sometimes think: ‘What if the tumour comes back? What if it comes a third time?’ If it does, it will be another challenge to overcome. After all, I grew up challenging my father.

He was asked if he saw himself as Giorgio Chiellini’s heir in the Italy national team.

Noooo… I’m old. But I always want to improve. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come out of the difficulties.

I arrived here after the boos at Lazio and the social media abuse from Inter fans for that mistake in Lazio-Milan.

I was silent, I worked hard. And if I were still at Lazio, I would’ve played there too.

The 35-year-old Italian centre back commented on his relationship with Inter coach Simone Inzaghi.

He is intelligent, likeable, empathetic, always positive. He is lucky, but he goes looking for luck and deserves it.

A deep football connoisseur, he knows all the players in the world, incredible! And he is someone who attracts people. From Rome to Milan, he has remained the same.

Finally, Acerbi discussed his plans for the future and if he’d like to stay with the Nerazzurri.

I don’t know, it’s the truth. I’d like to stay, I’m happy here. In fact, I know one thing for sure: I won’t come back in August without knowing my future.

In July I want to know where I will play. I hope a solution will be found as soon as possible for my stay, I’m 35 years old, but I’m fine physically and mentally.

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