Provedel Talks Derby Win, Defensive Solidity & Champions League Race

Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel weighed in on the Derby della Capitale win over Roma, the team’s rock solid defence and their fight for a top four finish.

The 29-year-old Italian shot stopper joined the Biancocelesti for just €2m last summer from Spezia, arriving as the expected second choice option behind the more expensive Luis Maximiano.

Provedel has taken on the number one role in Rome, consistently proving himself a top goalkeeper capable of playing out from the back and making lightning-fast saves.

Speaking to reporters at the ‘Lazio in schools’ event (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Provedel first discussed his turning point for this season.

I more than played a turning point game, which almost seems to come by chance. The turning point came some time ago after a series of negative results and with the change of gear and then the results are a consequence.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to go ahead in all competitions, and we remained in the league for the top four fight.

We picked up the points that we think we deserve and that we didn’t manage to do before, the other teams that are competitors didn’t do as well and we managed to get a bit of an advantage.

He touched on the secret behind the Biancocelesti’s strong defence this season.

I wasn’t there before and since I arrived, I’ve seen a team working hard and with conviction for what the coach wants. I try to do the same.

It’s not that I don’t concede the goal, or everyone does. It means that everyone defends well, starting with the forwards and ending with me.

In the derby we only conceded one shot on goal, so the credit goes to my teammates. I’m happy then that these results can be found on what’s written because it’s good anyway.

The 29-year-old spoke about the strong Italian core in the Lazio squad.

Certainly all this helps, especially the verbal communication and the understanding that can be created from what is asked by the coach.

And then the communication between us to be able to do what is asked of us in the best possible way. What’s more, they are all great guys both in terms of values and spirit, everything comes easier.

He commented on the team’s fight for a top four finish.

What happened before, the previous games were both negative and before the derby if you lose it affects you negatively and if you win positively.

If you win it, you regain enthusiasm and if you lose it you have to transform the disappointment, this is what we did.

I would have preferred to win the challenges before the derby, but we are not perfect. The results that are coming are giving us confidence.

Finally, Provedel spoke about his 16 clean sheets in the league.

It pleases me and gives me a bigger push to train better and better with my teammates.

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