Immobile’s Lawyer: ‘Full Trust in Authorities Carrying Out Investigation’

Erdis Doraci, the lawyer of Lazio captain Ciro Immobile, provided an update following the 33-year-old’s involvement in a traffic collision with a tram.

The Biancocelesti talisman suffered a spine injury and a fractured rib after his car crashed into the number 19 tram in the streets of Rome on Sunday morning, an incident that destroyed the front of his vehicle.

Immobile was taken to hospital for precautionary checks, which revealed his injuries, and he initially stated that the tram driver had ran a red light.

Codacons – the Coordination of Associations for the Defence of the Environment and of the Rights of Users and Consumers – have filed a complaint against the 33-year-old to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Immobile’s lawyer Doraci released a statement (via LazioNews24), providing an update on the 33-year-old and his feelings after the incident.

The thoughts of my client Ciro Immobile, shaken by what happened today, go to his two daughters and the tram driver to whom he wishes a speedy recovery.

Relieved that no one has suffered serious injuries, aware in this difficult moment of having acted correctly, he fully trusts in the authorities who are carrying out the investigations.

Immobile could be forced out of action for up to a month following the collision, a disastrous loss for Maurizio Sarri.

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